Inspire Tea Moments with Libre Tea anywhere, anytime – use coupon code – TeaJourney15%

At Libre we love to inspire tea moments anywhere, anytime. – a moment to reflect and connect in your busy day. We know so many have busy lifestyles and we want to ensure nourishment on the go with healthy beverages you design. Choose your teas, herbs or fruits and herbs for your favorite infusions!

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Use coupon code:  TeaJourney15%

The Libre durable glass infusers are the stylish and convenient solution for loose teas, tisanes and herbs ‘on the go’ –morning, noon and night. Their beautiful styling and practical features make it the choice to be the ONE reusable, glass to go! The glass interior ensures a fresh taste and is the safest material for anyone to drink from all day long. The  exterior poly  protects the glass and  this double construction keeps your drink hot or cold. Our unique removable filter keeps leaves, tisanes or herbs in the glass for ease while drinking .

Libre Classic Collection


Libre Classic Collection: 14oz. Large, the 9oz. Original, and 10oz. Mug

Libre Life Collection:  ~ 9oz Garden Pink, 14oz Starburst, Lively Leaves, Garden Pink and Black Brush

MatchaGo: 9oz Black Brush to shake up a smooth and frothy matcha with ease ‘on the go’


The Libre can be used for for all beverages as the glass washes clean every time and many love it not only for teas but also as a shaker and for fresh juices. And many use the glass with just the lid to take as a water bottle for clean hydration ‘on the go’ The practical and unique removable Libre tea stainless steel filter is perfect for fruit or garden herb infusions as well.  it’s easy to make your own herbal refreshment with garden herbs, cucumbers, citrus or berries – just add water and with the removable filter they all stay in the glass not in your mouth!

Libre tea glass – the stylish and convenient solution for teas ‘on the go’ – whether driving to work or lessons, in yoga or on a walk this multi-purpose Libre tea glass is thermal HOT or COLD for year-round use, 100% BPA free with protected glass interior and removable filter –

Perfect for inspiring tea moments anywhere, anytime…


Buy now and save 15% on all Libre glass Infusers

Use coupon code:  TeaJourney15%