Smacha Automatic Tea Brewer: Make a Perfect Cup Everytime!

The Smacha Automatic Tea Brewer allows you to make a perfect pot of tea in just 2-½ minutes every time.  With this innovative Auto Tea Brewer, you can easily brew the perfect pot while enjoying time with friends,watch the game, or read a book without worrying about over-steeping your tea. The Smacha Auto Tea Brewer allows anyone to enjoy a cup of quality tea even if you’re not yet a tea master.

The Smacha Autobrewer, invented by Tea Master Jason Chen and patented in China and the U.S., is the result of almost two decades of development and refinement.  Staying true to the porcelain wares of historical Chinese kilns, the Autobrewer is made in Dehua, China, a city famous for its quality porcelain manufacturing and innovation.

Auto Tea Brewer
Smacha Auto Tea Brewer

The secret to the Autobrewer is the way it controls the time required for the tea to travel from the top brewing-vessel, through the stainless steel mesh filter, into the pitcher below. The brewing time is fixed by the size of the hole the brewed tea passes through, so the only variables in making the tea are the water temperature and the amount of the dry leaves.

The Smacha Autobrewer is great at home, at work, or as a gift, and the tea it makes does not disappoint. The Smacha Signature Autobrewer embodies our mission of making real tea available to everyone, in an easy, convenient, and delicious way, and in just two and a half minutes.

About Smacha Tea Company

Smacha Signature Teas are grown in our own gardens or in our longtime partners’ gardens under the expert guidance of Tea Master Jason Chen. We are proud of these teas because of their high quality, consistency, and the strict adherence to traditional methods used throughout their growing and processing. Tea Master Chen spent years sourcing and perfecting these teas working with the farmers to grow and process each one to our very strict standards. Smacha sells whole leaf “Real Tea”:

1. Real Tea is made from the right variety of tea plant.
2. Real Tea is grown only in the right region and at the right altitude.
3. Real Tea is made using only traditional, time-tested processing techniques.
4. Real Tea must pass the strictest standards for pesticides, fertilizers, and other additives, those of the European Union.
5. Real Tea must taste great.

We hope you enjoy these special “Real Teas,” our Smacha Signature Teas, here for your enjoyment.
We strive to be the most trusted tea brand in the world, providing great service, promoting healthy lifestyles, and educating all of our guests about the value of real tea.

Teamaster Jason Chen of Smacha Tea Company
Tea master Jason Chen of Smacha  Tea Company
Smacha Tea Company
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