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Misty Peak Teas is devoted to making great tea accessible to all. No longer is money or position or location an issue when hoping to get fantastic tea to your tea pots. We have spent years living on the farm and have dedicated ourselves to one tea, from one family giving us complete quality control and giving you a tea made by masters with the love of a family. Pu’er tea, which is what we sell, from certain areas and of certain qualities was once saved only as “Tribute Tea” or tea that would go exclusively to the palaces of Royalty.  Our goal is to make this tea accessible to all people, worldwide. Both by making it affordable and by actually acquiring this tea from this particular family that is part of a lineage and village that once sent their teas on horseback to Beijing as tributes or gifts.

Misty Peak Teas is the only tea company in the West that is dedicated to providing only one tea of the highest quality to the world. Our tea is the only tea on the market grown and processed by one family from trees planted in Yunnan Province, China before the advent of electricity, 200-500 years ago. Other companies may carry hundreds, or thousands of teas, but we are focused on only one tea, giving us complete quality control and focus on providing the very best Pu’er tea available.

 Pictured: Pu’er Bings (discs) drying under the sun after being pressed into that shape. They start off as loose leaf, but under steam and compression under large stones, they are pressed into the shape of a moon for easier transportation, cultural significance, and convenience.


Fair Trade is an industry term meaning that the farmers are compensated according to what is considered fair within their location. When we pay the farmers for their tea, we go three steps ahead of what would be considered fair and pay their price, taking into account their labor hours and costs of packaging, etc. The only way to ensure our tea will continue to be great, and get better, each year is to make sure the family who produces it is more than happy. This is truly fair.

Misty Peak Teas was founded in 2011 and quickly made waves throughout the tea world, rising to recognition when rated #1 Pu’er tea online out of over 5,000 Pu’er teas in 2014. Now the tea is available in over 410 select shops in the North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

We are excited to be on this journey and are honored to join yours.

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