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Just add cold water and steep for 2 minutes for the Summer`s most refreshing green tea drink.

reicha ocha and co


(a blend of high mountain Fukamushi and Asamushi Senchas, Kukicha and Matcha) 


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About Ocha & Co.
a word from Gary Lawson, owner and founder       

I was brought up drinking tea – but black not green at the time. Our neighbours in London used to congregate outside their front doors with a steaming cup in hand to natter and catch up with the local gossip. And there was always a cup ready for me when I got home from school; with milk, sugar and biscuits to dunk. Not a cup of coffee in sight. Fast forward a couple of decades and I am now living in Japan; black has turned to green and the milk and sugar has gone thankfully. Still partial to the occasional biscuit though!

Ocha & Co. Really started in 2013 after a trip back home to the UK and drinking a really insipid green tea from my local supermarket. It didn’t have the freshness and flavour I was accustomed to back in Japan. My wife was not impressed and we thought we could do better than that. There was also the small matter of the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 – we had upped sticks and moved out of Tokyo, relocating to the peaceful serenity of northern Hokkaido.

We aim to get the teas from the plantation to your cup in the shortest time possible. To do this the teas are processed and blended only after we have placed an order and are then shipped out to us the very same day. That way we don’t need to keep a large inventory and the teas are in peak condition, fresh and full of vitality.

The teas arrive 2 days after they have been made and are then ready to be shipped out. It can take as little as four days to arrive in some destinations so you could feasibly be drinking a high grade Japanese tea in just over week of being made. For a tea all the way from Japan that is pretty quick!

Our Supplier  
Just one tea grower in Shizuoka, in one of the founding areas for organic tea production in Japan. We are now selling a large percentage of their output and the partnership is proving so successful that they are talking to local growers about increasing the size of the organic area under cultivation.

About the teas
We cover most of the types readily drunk here in Japan; Sencha, Fukamushicha (deep steamed Sencha), Kukicha (from stems and stalks), Genmai Matcha (Sencha, roasted rice and Matcha) and Matcha. Most are JAS certified organic. Matcha is proving a big hit so we have developed the range slightly and now sell three types; regular, organic and a high grade Matcha from the Kyoto Uji region. We have recently added a black teas from the Yakubita cultivar and will be adding a shade-grown Kabusecha in 2016.