Qi Aerista WiFi Enabled Home Brewer

Qi Aerista is a wifi-enabled smart tea brewer that can hot brew, cold brew, or strong brew your favourite tea perfectly and simply every time.

Our patented circulative infusion system will heat and maintain a consistent water temperature specific to your tea type, then a circulative water flow optimally immerses and steeps the tea leaves with precise time control for optimal infusion. 

This ingeniously designed Qi Aerista includes the following key features:

  • Preset programs for cold brewing, floral, green, black, puer, oolong, and milk tea (strong brew)
  • Variable temperature kettle
  • Boil and brew function
  • Water temperature and brewing time customization via app with per degree/second precision
  • Manage the brewing process remotely through app
  • 12-hour brewing reservations through app
  • Keep warm function for up to 1 hour

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