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Glowstone's heated bar is visible when in use.
Glowstone’s heated bar is visible when in use.

Tradition meets technology in the hottest thing to happen to bone china in recent history: a built-in heater. Glowstone is a heated smart mug created to conquer the seemingly simple, yet previously impossible to achieve task of keeping your tea or other hot beverage at optimum temperature.

To achieve this, Glowstone’s design conceals a slim heater in the base of the mug, a move that also serves to offer visual appeal when in use as the glowing heat bar can be seen through the mug wall. Perhaps most impressive is just how smart this little gadget is: without the use of buttons or controls, the Glowstone mug turns on when it detects a hot drink, lights up when it reaches the perfect temperature and turns itself off when you take your last sip or after 30 minutes.

No more repeated trips to the microwave before your cuppa is through! The Glowstone mug can be recharged wirelessly via a charging coaster that is compatible with some other smart devices and has a cool base while in use to prevent damage to delicate surfaces. It’s also dishwasher safe and currently available in three color options—stone, pink and blue—as well as a hexagonal design.

Glowstone, like Tea Journey, successfully funded its launch via Kickstarter.

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