The Sweetest Sugar

sugar-shacksprAccording to sugar lore, an injured finger inspired the sugar cube in the mid-1800s. When his wife hurt herself while cutting sugar from the household chunk, Moravian sugar magnate Jacob Krystof Rad pressed sugar into cubes, sized perfectly to sweeten a cup of tea, and presented a box of them to his wife.

The sugar cube has evolved since then, and although it’s not as commonly used as other forms of sweetener, it remains a nicety that makes any tea tray or table a bit more special.

The cunningly decorated cubes from Home Sweet Home take the charm of a sugar cube one step further with tiny iced designs emblazoned on the cubes. From seasonal motifs like Thanksgiving Cornucopias, Christmas Trees, and Easter bunnies, to icing flowers, to monograms or custom designs perfect for a wedding or a themed party, these lovely cubes are almost too pretty to dunk into a hot cup.victorian-box-pr

Our personal favorites? The Sugar Shack cubes shaped and decorated like diminutive gingerbread houses. Perch one on the rim of your teacup to sweeten your holiday. Prices start at around $30 for a box of 18 cubes. The company also makes edible cookie demitasse spoons for stirring that cube into your tea.

Home Sweet Home

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