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The Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics.
The Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics.

In a category filled with smooth ceramic surfaces, the Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics stands out. Made out of rare Zisha clay, which has been excavated from underground sources in China since the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the teapot is produced through an involved, meticulous process.

Left unglazed and in a semi-porous state, the teapot absorbs trace amounts of the liquid with each brewing—many people use each pot for one particular variety of tea for this reason.spinzishateacups

Available in 13 naturally occurring hues, Zisha derives its colorations from an unusually high concentration of iron oxides. Spin Ceramics offers a range of teapots, tea cups and accessories in a range of Zisha colors.

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Twelve Tastes Teapot, $695,

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