Origin India: Tamil Nadu and Kerala

The Western Ghats, South India Backbone of South India The six-hour drive south from Balanoor Tea Estate in Karnataka to […]

Origin India: The Deep South

Balanoor Tea Estate, Karnataka   Piece of Cake His birthday was celebrated in a leafy residential section of Bangalore, one […]

Harvest Review: Africa

The harvest report for 2017 is essentially the same for every African producer nation: Weather patterns continued to shape tea […]

Harvest Review: Vietnam

Vietnam in 2017 ranked as the world’s seventh-largest producer of tea and fifth in exports. It has 124,000 hectares under […]

Origins: Tea Cultivation Takes Root in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Tucked away near Oregon’s Willamette River in Salem, is Minto Island Tea Company: a nearly half acre plot of land containing Camellia sinensis var. sinensis bushes. More botanic laboratory than tea farm, it’s a 29-year-old science project and the only place in the state of Oregon where tea is being cultivated and sold.

Harvest Review: Australia

There is a clear emerging trend in the Australian market away from mainstream black tea to more specialist offerings. Australians’ […]

Harvest Review: Australia

Australians have a history of being black tea drinkers and following their mostly British heritage, but that is rapidly changing. […]

Tea the Hero Crop

Large government-supported tea estates are failing. Scarcity of labor, the cost of large-scale production and reliance on chemicals and pesticides […]

Harvest Review: South Korea

Green tea (nokcha in Korean) is called “sparrow’s tongue tea” (jaksulcha) due to the tea leaf’s delicate shape. In Korea, […]

Harvest Review: South Korea

Stephen Carroll is one of 42 Tea Journey tasters reporting on the 2016 harvest. Look for his posts on South […]

Origin Mongolia: Making Nomad’s Tea

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia The nomadic way of life shapes Mongolia like no other country. Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country […]

Zhulu tea leaves

Of Morning Dew & Half-Day Sun – Taiwan’s Zhulu Tea

A high-mountain wulong known for its elegant aroma and sweet lingering aftertaste, Alishan Zhulu tea is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. Discover its story from Ren Zhi Deng, who was a catalyst in transforming his hometown into one of the most revered tea-producing areas in Taiwan.

Tea for Generations to Come

KITSUKI, Japan Small family-owned tea gardens are inseparable from the economic and social past of historical places such as Kitsuki, […]

Origin India: Discovering The Wild Tea Forest of Assam

Pradip Baruah was born curious. He spends much of his time in the office and lab as chief advisory officer at the Tocklai Tea Research Institute (TRI) in Jorhat, Assam, but loves an adventure whenever the opportunity arises. In January he fulfilled one of his long held dreams on a walk into the jungles of Assam where he photographed an ancient wild forest of Camellia Assamica, a species of large-leaf tea distinct from China’s Camellia Sinensis.

Origins: Historic Ceylon

From the vibrant colors and culture of Colombo to the peaceful hillsides of Kandy, Sri Lanka is both a tea […]

Origin India: Garden by the River

It took ten years for Rajiv Lochan to acquire and consolidate various plots into a single garden known as Doke Tea, an organic farm along the south bank of the Doke River in Bihar, India.


DO NOT PUBLISH http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com/printedition/news/2016-05-02/tea-exports-down-as-production-up.html May 2, 2016- Tea exports dropped 1.13 percent in the last fiscal year despite a significant […]

HARVEST REVIEW 2016: Malawi, Africa

  The Warm Heart of Africa By Ranjit Dasgupta High in the Mulanji Mountains, a group of 9,000 smallholders, organized […]

Evolution on the Farm

Six years is not a long time to master tea with its centuries of development, so expectations visiting Westholme Tea Farm were not high. But the region’s combination of ideal growing conditions and a sensitive palate produced something worthy of the title: Canada’s First Tea Farm.

Harvest Review: Argentina

The harvest is just beginning in Argentina, the southernmost tea growing region in the world. This year November temperatures were unusually cool at the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Modern Tea Trends Take a Decidedly Victorian Turn in London

The quintessentially English custom of afternoon tea is experiencing a serious renaissance in London with dozens of hotels and tea salons offering both traditional services and those updated for a modern palate and sensibility.

ORIGINS: Japan’s Higashiyama Tea Grass Gardens

In the foothills of Mt. Fuji lies the village of Higashiyama where Chagusaba agriculture, a UN-designated Globally Important World Agricultural Heritage System, is a way of life for tea farmers.

Kanchenjunga: Five Treasures of the Great Snow Mountain

Parts of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan are within view of Mt. Kanchenujunga a majestic icon whose five peaks look down on famous tea gardens in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kalimpong, Pedong, Ilam, Hile and Taplejung.

Four Symbols Premium Chinese Tea

Four Symbols teas are sourced in the unique tea lands of China, harmonizing the artisanship of man with nature to produce authentic specialty loose-leaf tea.

Mary Cotterman: Entranced by the Spinning Wheel

At a very young age, Cotterman developed a passion for pottery, making pinch pots in the rocky Texas dirt of her yard. By the age of 12, she had her first formal experience with a throwing wheel during a summer camp class.

Wuyi’s Rock Tea: Treasure Mountain

Long into the night tea grower Yihua Luo keeps a watchful eye over the new harvest roast. It is the critical final stage of the most intricate processing technique of any tea. He hasn’t slept in 32 hours.

In Search of the Elusive Tai Ping Hou Kui

Every tea taster dreams of discovering a remote, virtually inaccessible growing region producing exceptional tea. The discovery of Tai Ping Hou Kui was just such an experience for us.

New Zealand’s Tea Evolution

New Zealanders are determined tea drinkers ranking 6th worldwide in per capita consumption. Supermarket teas dominate but offerings have evolved beyond canisters of traditional loose-leaf blends. Artisan merchants and entrepreneurs have found their niche in specialty tea blends so expect further expansion and innovation.

Garden Hopping in Queensland

Visitors to the Northern Queensland, Australia, can still find a handful of tea estates in an area called the ‘Wet Tropics’ – go there before the rest of the world catches on and lose yourself in the peacefulness and timelessness of a heritage that’s gone but not forgotten.


Tea Journey’s first annual harvest review gives you the big picture on the global tea business in 2016 along with insider information from local experts on some of the year’s most interesting teas. Especially for tea enthusiasts in the West, we hope this issue brings you a step or two closer to your favourite tea gardens – and your next new favourites!

Nepal Kanchenjenga

Nepali Tea Opportunity

A lack of infrastructure, a lack of capital, natural disasters, a pandemic, and a very tough competitor at the border – these are the challenges faced by Nepal growers.


This is a backgrounder not for publication at this time. Dwb     By Deepak Kafle Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE)and […]