The Tea Explorer

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By Rita Fong and Drew Taylor A Review The Tea Explorer is a documentary film written, produced, directed, and shot by Andrew Gregg that stars Jeff Fuchs, noted Canadian writer, photographer, explorer, and tea merchant. It’s a film about some of the people whose lives have been touched by and are still entwined with the […]

Ming China Meets Renaissance Europe

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Apart from a stray Marco Polo or so, very few Occidentals and Orientals had ever met face to face until Vasco da Gama of Portugal sailed around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and, guided by the Arab pilot Ahmad ibn Majid, reached India in 1498. It was almost twenty years after da Gama’s voyage when, […]

Never at a loss for words…

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Tea Journey was funded this week by more than 550 backers who contributed $127,500 making this magazine the third highest funded periodical in Kickstarter history… To our backers around the world: Those who know me well, know that I’m never at a loss for words… until now. Tea Journey was funded at dawn — fittingly […]

Hunting Down Wild Jin Jun Mei from Wuyishan

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I began visiting tea markets to find companies selling interesting teas. I spent countless hours sipping teas at tea shops trying to find genuine wild tea. It proved to be difficult. Some marketers would claim to have authentic wild tea, but when I asked to see the mountain where the trees grew, they would hem and […]