Austin Hodge

Tea Journey role: Advisor

Austin Hodge is the owner of Seven Cups, one of the most trusted importers for superior quality Chinese teas. His direct sourcing methods are now appreciated by tea lovers from over 50 countries.

Austin in Black

Seven Cups was founded in 2002, and has won many awards. Seven Cups was named one of the best places in America to have tea by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Austin started to study Chinese tea in 1992. He became a member of the Chinese International Tea Culture Institute (CITCI hereafter). He became the first American to be published in the CITCI’s Journal, which was republished in tea trade magazines across China, and in 2011 was given the “Top Ten Outstanding Persons of China Award” for his contributions to Chinese tea culture, through writing and speaking in China, and Seven Cups’ representation of Chinese tea culture internationally. Austin has served as Honorary Director of the CITCI since 2009. In 2015 he was asked to be on a panel of 24 advisors serving at the CITCI, only two being foreigners.

Austin is currently working on establishing international standards for excellence for specialty tea. In 2015  founded the International Specialty Tea Association to serve that purpose.


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