Elyse Petersen

Tea Journey role: Contributor

A Global Tea Ambassador with the International Tea Farms Alliance and founder and CEO of the tea supply chain platform Tealet, Elyse started her work with tea growers in Hawaii and Japan. This experience has inspired her to bring more transparency to the global distribution of tea. She speaks and writes on global tea industry issues and solutions such as Direct Trade at tea expos and festivals. Petersen is an experienced international development worker in the area of food security, natural resource management and sustainable food preservation, having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa and Antigua and Barbuda, Eastern Caribbean. Elyse graduated from Shidler College of Business with a Japan-focused MBA in Hawaii, and from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a BS in Food Science and Technology.


What Tea Journey Means to Me

People are craving more information about tea. Tea Journey is going to open many new tea lovers to the authentic story of tea. It is my work and passion to advocate for the craftmanship of quality tea growing, processing, and serving. I look forward to sharing the stories of some of the most unique personalities in tea I have met; people that make the best teachers and stories that make the best education.

Tea Journey will be a guide for those that seek to understand what goes into the cup that we all love so much. It is not a romantic tale but a history of real people and communities.

Supporting Tea Journey will help build a strong foundation for the future of tea culture.