Si Chen

Tea Journey role: Senior Editor


I am a certified tea specialist, dedicated to teaching the art of preparing tea. I received the Tea Art Master credential from China (National Vocational Qualification Level 2: Tea Art Technician) in 2014, and TAC Tea Sommelier from Tea Association of Canada in 2015. I contribute to tea research, particularly relating to Chinese tea origin, by writing and translating for STiR magazine and World Tea News. I also consult Chinese tea businesses on overseas product marketing strategies. Locally in Winnipeg, Canada, I conduct tea workshops for the business and private sectors and design tea souvenirs for various events.

Born and raised in Beijing, China, I have always been interested in philosophy from Asian and continental traditions. My post-secondary education oriented me with the Western analytical tradition with vigourous formal training in critical thinking. I was awarded a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Toronto in 2009, and M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba in 2012 specializing in the topic of Philosophy of Mind. My thesis is on the subject of Qualia, deriving from mind-(soul)-body relation myth and subjectivity vs. objectivity in consciousness. The tastes of tea is a perfect example of a Quale, which describes an occurrence of subjective, conscious experiences. My tea journey starts while conducting academic research on Qualia from a third-person perspective, reading literature while drinking tea and experiencing fascinating sensations, from a first-person standpoint. The convergence of intellect and sensuality has been fascinating since. For me, tea is a rich sensory, cultural and intellectual experience that I am proud to share.

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What Tea Journey Means to Me

I am fortunate to be a founding member of Tea Journey, currently managing the editorial workflow. I see this endeavor as a way to pay special tribute and extend our respect to tea professionals from the tea-producing regions. Their stories and tea expertise have been muted from the international trading process. This collaborative project has also been rewarding along the way – many brainstorming sessions on how to best represent educational information that has never been seen in the tea world before, inviting tea people who work at various levels in the tea industry to share their skills, knowledge and life stories…or simply to embark on a tea journey. I sincerely hope that you will also find a little sparkle, a little inspiration from reading our articles and getting to know our team, and most importantly, on this tea journey, you may discover a little passion buried within.

In Rou Gui tea garden in Da'an county, Wuyi, China.
In Rou Gui tea garden in Da’an county, Wuyi, China.

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