Stephen Carroll

Tea Journey role: Contributor and TJ Taster for South Korea

Stephen Carroll is a tea consultant and the founding director of Tea Total Australia. He is a Professional Member of the International Society of Tea Science, a qualified teacher and holds a Masters of Psychoanalytic Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Linguistics. He has studied Chinese and Japanese tea culture and is certified in Korean tea processing and tea culture.

Stephen Carroll Tea Total

What Tea Journey Means to Me

For me, Tea Journey is an opportunity to be part of a movement that pulls together so many disparate parts of the tea world into one publication. The high quality of the magazine, editorial staff and contributors means for me a high level of trustworthiness in articles and stories so often lacking in the tea world. Couple this with the breadth and depth of coverage and I feel that Tea Journey will become a major source for reference, referral and education for those of us so lucky to be involved or interested in the process, science and culture of tea.


Stephen is a published author, broadcaster and presenter. He writes, blogs, reviews and posts about tea. He is currently writing a book about the psychoanalytic interpretation of Korea Tea Culture. As director of Tea Total, Stephen brings tea, tea arts and tea culture into one company. Stephen travels extensively through the year to personally source all teas offered through the Tea Total on-line store. All of the teas are unique and many unusual. Most are single estate grown family enterprises producing excellent teas in limited quantities. All are premium quality.
The knowledge, experience and friendships built up over time within the tea world has lead Stephen to escort tea enthusiasts on “Tea Tours” to China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. These small group, fully escorted tours are a “hands on” experiential and educational program for those who want a deep understanding of teas and the different tea cultures of these seldom visited regions.
Stephen is also an accomplished sumi-e and Chinese brush artist and was the first Australian Director of the International Chinese Calligraphy and Painters Society. He exhibits both locally and internationally and also teaches this art. Stephen’s art work is showcased along with three other Australian artists by Tea Total Australia.

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