The Statler

This cocktail was first created for the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  The Historic Park Plaza was originally called the Statler Hotel when it first opened its doors in 1927 and the Statler Lounge in the hotel pays tribute to that history.  New England has a long history with rum.  At it’s peak in 1770,  New […]

Tea Cocktails

In 2002 when Audrey Saunders first introduced her ‘Earl Grey Mar-Tea-ni’ at the Ritz Hotel in London, it took the mixology world by storm.  Ms. Saunders was at the forefront of a movement to use herbs and other culinary ingredients behind the bar, and while the cry was of innovation, Audrey was actually tapping into […]

Tiki and Tea, A Tea-Smoked Cocktail

William Prine, at L’Espalier, located at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, has created this fabulous straight tiki style cocktail with Keemun and clove smoke that really brings it to life.

Tea Nog

For the holidays on a variety of menus I have often featured ‘Tea Nog’ which is a handmade eggnog made by replacing some of the base liquid with a slow cooked Masala Chai base.  For an at home version, the Masala base can be blended with a good commercial egg nog,  cooled double strength steeped Assam […]

Fish House Punch

‘Fish House Punch’ was created in 1732 at the The Schuylkill Fishing Company gentleman’s club in Philadelphia. This angling club, which is still in existence, was the first of its kind in the American Colonies, and claims to be the oldest social club in the English-speaking world. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, as well as […]

Making an Oleo Saccharum

A secret of good punches for the last 200 years is oleo saccharum (sweet oil).  This is made by muddling together citrus peels with sugar to release the citrus oils into the sugar. Some people prefer to lightly muddle the zest until it just shines and the oil begins to be released. Others prefer to muddle the zest […]