Halva ready to serve

Georgian Halva with Tea

This recipe comes from the cookbook, Lobio: The Vegetarian Cooking of Georgia. The recipe, and Lobio itself, is a translation and adaptation, […]

Middle Eastern Kahk

These melt in your mouth butter cookies are served at holiday times such as post-Ramadan Eid al fitr, Christmas and […]

Green Fruits in Jasmine Tea Syrup

This refreshing recipe by Jane Pettigrew came to us by way of Joanna Pruess.  It  works beautifully as a salad or a dessert.  If […]

Lucy’s Fried Chicken’s “Tea Pie” Recipe

Lucy’s Fried Chicken, a cherished Texas restaurant chain offers a variation on the Southern specialty Chess Pie made with tea. What could be more perfect to serve at any barbecue?

Gourmet Smores

At Restaurant L’Espalier in Boston, Pastry Chef Jared Bacheller creates a small sweet treat that is wrapped and given to […]