Tea Market

3 TEA Jigsaw Puzzles

by paula winchester enterprises llc/Twelve Winds Tea Company - 3 weeks ago

12ace724-fc6e-3f53-b7c7-70b4b40164f2.jpegd41684ed-17d3-33ff-9c81-09e2714459fc.jpegThree different TEA puzzles for your family's enjoyment or for a tea lover's gift. The Chai Wallah's Shop with recipes, Taiwanese Tea Pluckers, and the 1929 ad Winter Comfort resplendent with pets, plants, books, chocolates, cozy winter wrap, and a fantastic tea set on a howling, blizzardy day.  this puzzle will cool you off from this summer's heat wave. All ready for you to put together, have some fun with a friend and that hot cup of tea or poured over ice.

A friend sent me this photo... she had put together her Taiwanese Tea Pluckers puzzle. She reported no puzzle dust and that the 300 little pieces fitted snuggly together.  I was glad to hear the good news about a finished puzzle. This photo  was taken when I travelled with Thomas Shu and Josephine Pan's TOST trip 2010.  Enjoy!  Some puzzles shipped off to Taiwan and London. Where will yours go?

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