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Best Gift For Tea lovers

by Teaswan - 1 year ago

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Tea Swan welcomes you to the exotic world teas and tea wares! You can just sit at home and order your favourite items from the website. All you have to do is wait for a few days before our delivery man hits your door bell! We believe there is nothing better than a cup of tea flavoured with love and good wishes!

 Let's See the list of  best gift for tea lovers. 


·       Infuser Kettle (350ml)

If you enjoy having tea, then the Infuser Kettle from Tea Swan is the best pick for you! Unlike all other infuser kettles, this one comes in a square shaped. The tea making process gets a whole lot easier when using the Infuser Kettle. The speciality of this product is that you can make tea for your whole family and enjoy your family tea time! The stainless steel infuser insert has a fine mesh for your loose leaf tea. Straining, cleaning and brewing the tea is now an easy job only because of this! What is better than looking at your tea while it is brewing?

·      Double Wall Cups (250ml)

Have your evening tea in the Double Wall Cups provided to you by Tea Swan for experiencing the real fun of drinking tea! Though it is made out of high borosilicate glass material, the cups are lighter and have a high temperature resistant. The walls of the cups are heat insulated that makes sure that your tea does not go cold if exposed in the open for a long time! The size of the cups are way too good for you to de-stress yourself after a heavy day of work. The speciality of this product is that there is a hydrophobic silicone membrane under the glass floor. The purpose of this is to equalise the pressure between the glass walls.


·       Elegant Chain Infuser

Are you wondering about what chain infusers can be? Chain infusers are much like kettle infusers that make your tea making process easy. Do not worry about the brewing and steeping of the tea, as it gives the same satisfaction while drinking when you steep it in the gas. Introduced by Tea Swan, chain infusers are here to make your tea time a quality time! The high quality material makes it durable and rust-free. It can be the best present you can gift someone, as this chain infuser is small and elegant! If you are having second thoughts about how to use it, here are the simple steps:

1.    Detach the hook attached to the ball.

2.    Insert your favourite tea leaves in the ball.

3.    Close the two halves by using the hook.

4.    Hold the chain and insert the ball for brewing your perfect cup of tea!


·       Premium Gift Box

If you ever have thoughts about what to gift a person who is a crazy tea lover, Tea Swan comes to your rescue! Introducing the all new, Premium Gift Box filled with 4 different types of teas, all of your choice! Our gift boxes contain the most luxurious teas from around the world, blended with a touch of fruits, flowers, flavours and love to provide you with the most relishing tea experience! The box is prettily packed and decorated with a beautiful colour as its matt printing. You get to choose your favourite 4 teas from the exotic collection of Tea Swan:

1.    Darjeeling first flush

2.    Masala Chai

3.    English Breakfast

4.    Jasmine Green- Swan Fusion


·       Black Jute Bag

Travelling becomes much easier and hassle free if you are carrying all your important things in one bag. Tea Swans eco-friendly Black Jute Bag is made from 100% jute and is the best alternative for plastic bags! Carry your important documents and other necessary items handy in the bag as it has enough space to wrap up all your stuff inside! Being a pure and high quality jute bag, this is a favourite pick of all the tea lovers as well as the non-tea lovers for its uniqueness and simplicity!


·       Assam Potli

The best way to carry your own favourite tea while travelling or to your work place is in the form of Potlis! Potlis are small pouches that makes it easier for you to make your tea anywhere and anytime- all you need is just warm water. Tea Swans Assam potli pack offers you 12 potlis, which you can use over a period of time. Assam teas are known for its charismatic aroma and relishing flavour all around the world. The essence of the teas are intact in the potlis, thus giving you the same pleasure while drinking it! Steep it in warm water for just 2 minutes and your tea is prepared! Assam Black teas, being high in caffeine, aids in a multiple of health benefits. Have a cup of it to experience the authenticity and the malty tasting notes of the tea!


·       Kesar Pista Potli

It is not a surprising fact if you love kesar pista flavoured tea for lightening your evening mood! Made from the authentic saffron, pista and almond as the main ingredient, Tea Swans Kesar Pista Potli can be your saviour! The pack comes with 12 potlis, each one with the savouring taste of Kesar Pista. The blend of these 3 ingredients with green tea is something that you should definitely try and surely it will win your heart! The royal saffron flavour and the nutty aroma of the tea is the best served brewing hot and has benefits that you can only imagine of!


·       Stainless Steel Spoon

To have the appropriate measurement of your tea and make the perfect tea, Tea Swans Stainless Steel Spoon is the ideal choice for you! There is no way you can go wrong with the quantity of tea while using this spoon. The spoon is classy and elegant in looking and been made up of stainless steel, it is the best set of cutlery you can have in your kitchen!


·       Infuser Glass Bottle (450ml)

Since it is not possible to carry infuser kettles everywhere, Tea Swan has its very own Infuser glass bottle! The premium and superior double glass body, infuser bottle is set to be your best accompanier for all your trips and travel. Serves your purpose by providing you with iced teas as well as hot brewing teas! It keeps the taste and flavour of the tea intact while allowing you to have from it in regular intervals.

How to make tea in the glass bottle:

1.    Open the wooden lid of the bottle and fill it with hot water (in case you want hot tea) or normal temperature water (in case you want cold tea).

2.    Open the stainless steel infusion unit and fill up with your loose tea or tea bags.

3.    Close the lid and let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes.

4.    Remove the infuser and have a sip of your tea whenever you feel like!



·       5 Handpicked Samples By You

A special package full of teas designed especially for you by us! Customise the packet with your top favourite 5 teas and bless your mornings and evenings with them. It goes without saying that this pack is the perfect gift for your loved ones who are equally crazy about tea- just like you and me! All you need to do is place your order and drop us a mail mentioning your 5 teas that you want in the package. The mentioned will be delivered to you within no time to surprise you and make your days better!


·       10 Mix Teas

Tea Swan has in store for you 10 mix teas in a single pack! The pack is designed exclusively keeping in mind your love for teas and so, we have the perfect blends to make your days and nights better. If you are confused with which tea to choose, try our loose leaf tea sample and decide on your favourite one!

The 10 mix teas in the box includes:

1.    Lemon Green

2.    Poobong FTGFOP 1 CH

3.    Jogijhora Green Tea

4.    Selim Hill Green Tea

5.    Doke Green Diamond

6.    Earl Grey- Bergamot Natural Flavour

7.    Ginger Cardamom

8.    Swan Signature

9.    Herbal Blood Cleanser

10. Rose Green


·       10 Flavour Teas

Flavour teas are the new trending one in the world of teas! If you cannot decide on to which is your favourite flavoured tea, then try Tea Swans very own sample pack of 10 flavour teas. What is better than having a touch of your favourite item in your beverage as well? With pleasure, have the tasting experience of all the teas and order the most suited one for your future self!

The pack includes:

1.    Whiskey tea

2.    Rose Green

3.    Hibiscus Tea

4.    Mango Tea

5.    Blueberry Tea

6.    Passionfruit Tea

7.    Menthos Green

8.    Lavender Green

9.    Blue Pea Flower

10.Chocolate Tea


·       5 Ayurvedic Teas

Ayurvedic ingredients are one of the ancient medicines of India. What can be better if you get a touch of Ayurvedic in your daily routine beverages? Amazing, is not it? Tea Swan makes it easier for you to decide your favourite ayurvedic tea, so that the next time you wont be in a confusion! Get to know the taste of 5 different ayurvedic teas that comes in a single pack- designed exclusively for you!

The pack contains the following ayurvedic teas:

1.    Vata

2.    Pita

3.    Kapha

4.    Mens Activity Tea

5.    Womens Activity Tea



·       Classic Gift Pack 1

A pack of well-decorated, elegant looking gift pack filled with unconditional love and good wishes along with some lip smacking teas that are set to make your festive and special days full of joy! Though the exchange of gifts remain the same for every occasion, this time Tea Swan is here to take this burden off from your shoulders! Introducing all the new and glamorous Classic Gift Pack 1 that is filled with the perfect loose leaf teas in its purest and authentic form- for you and your loved ones! The pack contains:

1.    CTC Masala Chai (50gm)- sourced from India and packed with all the love for you!

2.    Herbal Blood Cleanser (50gm)- delicious spices and loaded with tonnes of health benefits, you are surely falling for this one!

3.    Rose Green Tea (25gm)- fill your evenings with a pinch of rose in each of the sip!

4.    Premium Jute Bag- carved the best for the best!


The search for the best gift pack ends here, without any second thoughts! Order from Tea Swan to have a 100% safe delivery with all the items packed with love and care!


·       Signature Gift Pack 1

Ease off the burden of finding the best gift hamper for your loved ones in the coming festive season and instead, gift them the Signature Gift Pack 1 from the Tea Swan! Filled with abundance of love, care and happiness, you will be as thrilled as us, to receive the most gorgeous gift hamper of all times! The hamper contains the teas in the most freshest and purest of forms, including:

1.    CTC Masala Chai (50gm)- sourced from India and packed with all the love for you!

2.    Herbal Blood Cleanser (50gm)- delicious spices and loaded with tonnes of health benefits, you are surely falling for this one!

3.    Rose Green Tea (25gm)- fill your evenings with a pinch of rose in each of the sip!

4.    Jasmine Green Tea (25gm)- a tea with the most beautiful aroma and scent that will make you feel happy with its each sip!

5.    Infuser Chain- the classy and elegant infuser chain to steep your tea anywhere and anytime in the perfect way!

6.    Premium Jute Bag- carved the best for the best!


End your search here, with the most luxurious and beautiful looking gift hamper filled with all your favourite teas and good wishes from our side, to brighten up your day like nothing else!


·       Premium Gift Pack 1

What is better than to gift your loved ones the Premium Gift Pack from Tea Swan? Even if you ever think of pampering yourself a bit with the relishing teas, you are welcome to buy this! Filled with abundant love, good wishes and some of the savouring packs of tea, this gift hamper is going to be your favourite in no time!

The hamper contains:

1.    CTC Masala Chai (50gm)- sourced from India and packed with all the love for you!

2.    Herbal Blood Cleanser (50gm)- delicious spices and loaded with tonnes of health benefits, you are surely falling for this one!

3.    Rose Green Tea (25gm)- fill your evenings with a pinch of rose in each of the sip!

4.    Infuser Chain- the classy and elegant infuser chain to steep your tea anywhere and anytime in the perfect way!

5.    Premium Jute Bag- carved the best for the best!


Exclusively designed for you, there is no doubt that this hamper is going to disappoint you! So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now and get it delivered within just a few days wait!


·       Signature Gift Box

Beautifully crafted and well-decorated, supreme gift box to you and your loved ones only by Tea Swan! Substitute the traditional gift hamper with this elegant box full of surprises and love! Blends of the most luxurious teas from all over the world, packed in the Signature box with its unique style and a classy look!

The box contains the following teas:

1.    Darjeeling First Flush

2.    Assam Golden Tippy

3.    Chamomile Flower

4.    English Breakfast

5.    Earl Grey

6.    Jasmine Green

7.    Rose Green

8.    Organic Green

9.    Herbal Tulsi tea

10. Masala Chai

11. Hibiscus

12. Menthos Green


If someone tells you that the perfect gift for a tea lover does not exists, show them this! A little box of happiness is all set to become a tea lovers paradise!



·       Cool Mint Iced Tea

What is better than having a glass full of cool mint iced tea in a hot summer day? We bet, nothing! The fresh mint from the greens of Darjeeling with a refreshing peppermint and lemongrass combination is all set to make your mood happy and good! Having multiple health benefits, this tea has notes of malt and spices with a twist of caramel, currants and a royal touch of grapefruit. Capable to becoming your favourite beverage, we cannot wait any longer to serve you with this!


·       Cinnamon Twist

Nothing beats a natural and herbal tea at your breakfast table every morning! The perfect blend of herbal tea ought to give you a sense of relief and satisfaction with each of your sip. Cinnamon Twist is a special herbal tea introduced by Tea Swan to please your taste buds every single time! Having a mixed taste and flavour, the sweet and spicy tones of the tea makes the tea lovers go gaga over it every time! The combination of the cinnamon, hibiscus, black current and liquorice, along with a pinch of natural oil, this tea tastes heavenly. The charismatic aroma of cinnamon fills the air around you with happiness and excitement! Taking just 3 minutes from your busy schedule for its brewing time, this tea is low in caffeine and can be consumed at any time of the day. So, hurry up and order yours to have an unforgettable experience!


·       Winter Spice Tea

A cup of tea in the chilly winters is no less than heaven! Capable of becoming your favourite in no time, this tea is the best herbal tea for all your winter mornings and evenings. Being a great stress reliever, the Winter Spice Tea has being crafted exclusively with the ultimate love for you and your loved ones! Having a combination of cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger, cloves, lemon peels, nutmeg, pepper, tulsi and liquorice root, this tea has a spicy taste and a sweet aftertaste that will linger in your taste buds for long. It has several health benefits that will help you to keep your body in check. Order your pack soon from the Tea Swan and make your winter days perfect!


·       Herbal Tulsi Tea

Though tulsi provides with a lot of health benefits, having it in its raw form maybe a bit boring! To make your time interesting as well as beneficial, Tea Swan takes the honour to introduce to you Herbal Tulsi Tea that can be the perfect match for your mood! Being a rich source of vitamin A because of the basil content, this tea is the healthiest in the kingdom of teas! Cough, fever, cold or arthritis, Herbal Tulsi tea is the only solution for all your problems. Having a floral and grassy flavour in its taste and being completely caffeine free, this tea is all ready to be your #1 tea!


·       English Breakfast Black Tea

Are you in search for the most suitable tea for your breakfast table? Guess what, you have already found one! The organic English Breakfast Black tea is the tea that does not contain any chemicals. Having a robust, bold and smooth flavour of the authentic black tea, it can also be transformed into a sweet tasting tea with the addition of sugar and milk. The bright orange colour of the liquor is not only elegant to look at, but also it serves multiple health benefits as well! The perfect balance of briskness and malty tastes gives the tea lover a different level of peace and satisfaction- right early in the morning! Try your hands on the best black tea from Tea Swan and have it in your own style!


·       CTC Masala Chai

Famous among the Indians and now gaining popularity all around the world, Masala Chai is a tea that comprises of different ingredients, starting from cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger and cloves, along with abundance of love and happiness, wrapped in it! The CTC Masala Chai is your readymade solution to all your problems, bad moods, bad days and even stress and tensions. Having a spicy aroma and best served in its brewing hot state, the tea has a sweet aftertaste along with a fusion of all the spices used! Grab a pack for you and your loved ones to experience an amazingly spent tea time!


·       Swan Signature Chai

Tea Swan is immensely proud of the CTC tea and there is no other way to accept it! With the arrival of the perfect opportunity, we have grabbed and tried our hands on to make the #1 delicious tea of all times! Being one of the best sellers of Tea Swan, Swan Signature Chai brings to you the authentic and exotic taste of the Assam tea estates with its marvellous spicy taste, unique flavour and the subtle hints of sweetness to make your tea indeed the best one! Providing you with some advises, order two packs of this tea for yourself because there is no doubt that you cannot stop to wait till the next batch of tea arrives your doorstep!


·       Ginger Cardamom Chai

A pack of tea that is well decorated and wrapped with love and care, along with all the good health, fresh aroma and relishing taste! The Ginger Cardamom Chai is the perfect blend of ginger and cardamom along with the CTC tea leaves to provide you with a sense of satisfaction that you would not be getting any place else! Having multiple health benefits, this tea is all set to keep you healthy and fit. Start your day with a cup of this little paradise to only be energised for the rest of the day!


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