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by California Tea & Herbal - March 6, 2019

We took years to find the best-tasting teas and herbals from the most incredible companies in the world at calteas.com. Current sales selections are these beauties:  Blueberry Pom   http://bit.ly/2H32A6q

China Mtn. Green http://bit.ly/2Nss9By 

Rooibos Chai  http://bit.ly/2z0j35E

Lavender Earl Grey  http://bit.ly/2Cv3lSJ

Find out why our customers have stayed with us loyally for over a decade from bricks & mortar to online.  We have no 'gimmicky', 'trendy' or 'throwaways' in our selections...just the best tasting teas and herbals anywhere in the world!

Photo: Regina Fell Designs


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