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Join us at FERMENTATION 2020

by The Fermentation Association - 3 days ago

FERMENTATION 2020  (May 21-23, Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile) is the first event in the United States that brings together everyone involved in the world of fermentation -  producers, retailers, chefs, scientists, authors, suppliers, and regulators to share knowledge, experience, and strategies for growth.

Together we will explore the power of fermentation to build flavor, preserve food, and enhance health, and discuss how we can document and promote these benefits to the public.

Be part of the international fermentation community. Discover, network and learn!


FOOD AND FLAVOR: Hear from leading chefs, authors, and food producers on the latest fermentation techniques, flavors, and innovations.

BUSINESS, LEGAL, and REGULATORY: Learn how to launch and grow a fermentation business, and navigate the industry's legal and regulatory hurdles.

SCIENCE, HEALTH, and RESEARCH: Discover the science behind fermentation, how to monitor and manage it, and current research into its health benefits.


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