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New tea has arrived!

by Tealicious Tea Company - 2 months ago


Since 2001we’ve been creating the world’s finest, freshest, organic teas possible. It all started in Coquitlam, with a passion for premium quality ingredients, exceptional customer service, an eco-friendly approach, & a commitment to community – values which continue to be just as important to us today as they were when we started.

Our premium teas are made with hand-crafted quality, fresh, organic botanicals. Exceptional freshness, combined with organic growing and fair-trade practices, results in higher antioxidant levels & superior flavor in your teacup. What’s just as important as the premium quality ingredients we select for our teas, are the ingredients we never use – no artificial flavors, colors or hidden sweeteners- just pure, healthy, deliciousness in every sip!

We have created several new herbal tea blends, that will absolutely arouse your curiosity.  We guarantee they will be the best "jaw-dropping" tea ever. Check out our site, we promise you will be completely satisfied!


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Instantly promote your teas to 20,000+ passionate tea drinkers

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