Tea Market

People interested in green tea from Japan

by Doshisha University student - 2 weeks ago

Hello nice to meet you, 

My name is Alberto Ehrelr and I am currently a student at Doshisha University in Japan. 

Currently, we are working on a marketing strategy for a tea shop located in Kyoto, Japan, and for this purpose, I am gathering information about people interested in the tea culture of Japan. 

The tea shop is called MANDARACHA it is a tea house, a tea shop, and a tea experience center located in the Gion district of the old Kyoto, a few minutes away from the Zen temple Kenninji where monk Eisai brought back tea seeds from China and promoted tea cultivation in Japan. 

It specializes in providing a selection of teas from all over Japan and also other types such as flavoured Japanese teas, Cold Brewed Teas, Nitro Teas, and fresh ground Matcha.

Of course, I don't represent the shop in any form but I am still looking for information on possible audiences interested in this kind of Japanese tea shop. 

It would be really helpful if we could exchange knowledge about tea and its great aspects. 

Thank you very much. 

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