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Rare Ceylon Wild Tea

by Forest Hill Tea (Pvt) Ltd - 2 months ago

Forest Hill Wild Tea

Forest Hill is the pioneer in Ceylon Wild Tea. Forest Hill Wild Tea originates from an abandoned tea estate called “Warnagala” lies at 2900 feet, in Adam’s Peak mountain range in Sabaragamuwa Province Sri Lanka. The estate was planted by the Scottish planters during the British colonial rule and abandoned for 130 years. This abandoned tea plantation has now become a forest where the tea trees still grows, today as big tea trees among the other vegetation in surrounding Holy Adam’s Peak rain forest reserve.

Our Wild Tea is made with finest, high quality, undamaged, timely hand-picked tea leaves from 30-40 feet high freely grown tea trees found in their natural habitats. Its unique earthy character is given by the nutrients absorbed from the tap root in deep layers of the rich soil in unspoiled environment. The quality of the Wild tea is maintained by producing in small batches by hand with great care.

“Forest Hill Wild tea is a highest quality unique rare tea in the world” as commented by international tea specialists.

“A cup of Wildness”





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