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Rose Label Reserve: Luxury Tea from Nepal

by Nepal Tea - 1 month ago

Highly Awaited Limited-Edition Nepali Luxury Tea, Rose Label Reserve 2023 Harvest: Available for a limited time only! 


A Rosy Elixir for Your Palate

  • Top Notes: A burst of Sweet Camphor and Rose 
  • Middle Notes: Floral tones, Fresh Eucalyptus, and faint notes of Honey and Brown Sugar
  • Bottom Note: Calming aftertaste of Minty Citrus.

Rare, Special Cultivars

  • Hand-plucked and handcrafted tea leaves harvested from the special Bannockburn 157 cultivar and Wild Assamica 
  • Cultivated in the steep, misty highlands of Eastern Nepal's rare micro-climate and terroir. 

Highly Coveted, Limited Edition Brew 

  • Vetted by tea specialists and experts as a mark of rarity and luxury.
  • Only 88/100 Units Remaining! 

Taste the Rose Label Reserve.


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