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Satemwa Antlers White Tea

by Satemwa Tea Estate - 1 year ago


Satemwa Tea Estates is the last family owned and run tea garden in Malawi. The garden was founded in 1923 by McClean Kay and it is currently grandson Alexander Kay (45) running the estate. Satemwa is relatively small garden close to a small town called Thyolo, hidden in the Shire Highlands on a altitude of 1000 – 1200 meters above sea level. For years Satemwa produced black & green CTC (cut, tear, curl) used in international tea bag brands. Fifteen years ago Alexander began experimenting with orthodox specialty teas. Satemwa currently produces a range of white, green, oolong, black and dark teas. Their teas are sold and consumed in specialty tea places all around the world.

Antlers is one of the more innovative styles.


- Highly unusual & unique white tea made from hand-selected velvety antlers from finely plucked shoots,

- A very generous & intense purely natural lychee & frangipani aromas
- Light, floral & sweet. With touches of the loquat stone fruit
Experience this tea's different dimensions by steeping it up to 6-7 times. Serve chilled all day long in a champagne flute glass

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