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by Ceylon Heredity - 3 months ago

Ceylon Tea - how to get your hands on the real deal.

If you are a real tea enthusiast, the chances are that you have had a cup of pure Ceylon tea at least once in your life time. But how d you know if you have been sipping the real deal? Let’s delve into what every tea enthusiast must know about this fine quality tea.

Ceylon Tea is the name given to tea grown within the geographical boundaries of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. The country is an island, just South of India and is home to lush greenery, amazing wildlife and dreamy beaches.


Tea Manufacturing in Sri Lanka can be traced back to around 150 years ago with the first shipment of tea being sent to be auctioned in London in 1875, quickly gaining popularity for its premium quality.

Over the years the industry has grown to become one of the largest Tea producers in the world and was even the world's largest tea exporter in the year 2013.  Tea cultivation in the country  is now seen in six main regions in the island - Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Kandy, Uda Pussellawa, Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna. The varying differences of the climate, soil, sun, precipitation, and plant varietals each of these agro climatic regions give them a unique and distinct flavour and aroma quite alien to the rest of the world.

cbe2165a-5029-36c1-b77d-d6d713dfab6e.jpegLanka is mainly known for fine Black Ceylon Tea, but is also known to produce equally fine Green Tea and other teas. The masterful way in which Ceylon tea is produced, ensures that tea drinkers enjoy the maximum nutrients and taste. Pure Ceylon tea is traditionally made, with the tea being hand-picked and dried and to this day the same traditional processes are followed.

Now that you know what makes Ceylon Tea the best, you may want to check if you are sipping on the best Ceylon Tea next time.

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