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Teacher Training: 1 spot for fall term!

by Being Tea - 1 year ago

A first of its kind program: Teacher training, for tea!



Being Tea Teacher Training is a 7-month professional development program, focused entirely on teaching tea. It’s an ideal next step for a seasoned tea professional with a passion for education.

Your study will include:

  • How to sensitively hold space for diverse needs and groups
  • Adult learning theory, experiential learning foundations, and trauma informed teaching
  • Time management and logistics of classes and workshops
  • Lesson plan development 
  • Developing a personal practice and teacher self-care
"Sooz’s program has exceeded any expectations I had about tea teacher training. Sooz is a teacher’s teacher. I would recommend the Being Tea Teacher Training Program for anyone who is not only interested in teaching about tea, but also for anyone who would like to deepen their relationship to tea." -  Stephanie Samuels

I have to say… it’s been awesome. I am more confident and more prepared when I walk into a class.  I can think more creatively about how I want to approach certain kinds of groups or topics. I definitely feel more like a tea professional than I did before I started, even though I have been in the tea business for since 2007." - Emily Morrison

Each monthly module includes:
- Private instruction workshop (3-4 hours)

- Monthly workbook with homework + personal writing

- Monthly teacher cohort meeting for special workshops, discussion and teacher support

- Two practice teaching sessions required for graduation

Developed by award-winning educator and founder of Being Tea, Suzette Hammond.

Standard tuition is $1500 for the whole program, paid monthly at $215/mo for 7 months. 

Get in touch at beingtea.comto learn more and inquire about openings.

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