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Teasy: express yourself in your infusion

by Teasy | Designed for True Taste - 1 week ago

Teasy was borne out of frustration for the limited options available for brewing loose leaf tea on the go.


As avid tea enthusiasts and professionals will tell, bringing out the true taste of each infusion matters every time.


Because nature offers infinite taste in tea and natural infusions, we believe that the (self-) exploratory journey in seeking one’s own expression of an infusion is at the heart of our love for tea and nature.


Every Teasy is made to allow you to see, sense and taste your infusion the way nature has intended, while preserving the sensual experience of a tea ceremony.


We hope that you will find expressing yourself in an infusion has never been easier with Teasy.

Shop your Teasy at www.Easy-Teasy.com 

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