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Teasy: innovative infuser for loose leaf tea

by Teasy | Designed for True Taste - 1 month ago

afb017fb-49fb-3de9-85ec-994d2b1e3674.jpegLooking for an easy and convenient way of brewing loose leaf tea? Teasy may just be the right solution for you. 

We know how delicate speciality tea can be, and how important it is to get brewing right. Teasy gives you complete flexibility, and full control of an infusion in the palm of your hand. 

With Teasy you can start and stop the infusion at the moment of your choosing. So, the delicate flavours and true taste of your tea are always captured and not lost in bitterness.

Your personal infusion no longer has to stay at home - pack the light weight (280g) Teasy infuser in your bag and take your favourite brew to the office, outdoors or even on the go. 

Thanks to the thermally insulated stainless steel, Teasy keeps your tea hot (or cold) for longer. 

Unlike other infusers on the market, Teasy enables tea professionals and tea enthusiasts to:

  • Avoid bitterness from over-steeped tea by separating tea leaves from water inside the bottle
  • Visually check the infusion strength and colour through it’s transparent see-through glass cap
  • Make and drink hot & cold infusion at home, office, or on the go
  • Compatible with a wide range of ingredients of various sizes and blends

Visit Easy-Teasy.com for more colours and variations available.

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