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The Leading Porcelain Teaware Factory in China

by Asia Porcelain Group Limited - 1 week ago

Asia Porcelain Group Limited is the Leading and Reputed Porcelain Teaware manufacturer and exporter since 1996 in China, specializing in Fine Porcelain Teaware, Teapots, Mugs, Cups&Saucers, and so on.


We are located at Dehua City, China and with more than 20,000 square meets mordern workshops and passed SEDEX audit. Our City-Dehua is Porcelain Capital of China with more than 1000 years porcelain production history.

You are warmly welcome to visit our factory and our website www.asiaporcelain.com and watch our video at https://youtu.be/OWkQ0KEFTho

Our quality is perfect and our products are matching all American FDA requirements and California Propostion 65 and EUROPE Food requirements.


We are strong at both OEM and ODM services. We are strong at developing customized shapes, decals and glazes! 

Do you want to do your own teaware? Please don't hestiate to contact with us!
We will make it true!

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