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Yunnan Sourcing Guo Jin Golden Flower Dark Tea

by The Artisan Tea Hut - 3 weeks ago

The Guojin Tea Factory is based in An Hua, Hunan and has been producing tea since 1979.  They specialize in Fu Brick, but also produce Qian Liang and Tian Jian Hei Cha.

This brick is pressed from 2015 harvested spring tea from Yun Tai mountain area in An Hua County and was wet piled in late 2017 and then pressed in January 2018. 

The tea was fermented with a few days of wet piling, and then pressed into bricks.  After pressing, the golden flowers flourish in the inner section of the brick where the conditions are just right to support them. After a few days the Golden Flowers have thrived and spread throughout the inner part of the bricks, and then the bricks are dried gradually using a temperature of 37C which preserves and gradually halts the spread of the flowers without damaging them or the tea leaves.

This is an incredibly smooth, viscous and sweet tea.  It's hard to over-brew and after the 3rd or 4th steep you can push it hard with very hot water and longer steep times.  Nice cha qi!

Spring 2015 harvest tea leaves, pressed in 2018

950 grams per Brick




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