What’s Steeping: Tea Journey April 2017 Origins

Tea Journey annually publishes an “Origins” issue timed to the new harvest.  Our intent is to introduce readers to how and where tea is grown. We welcome your suggestions of exceptional tea gardens to profile (large and small) so long as the tea is available for sale direct to the public (typically online) or through a network of retail outlets.

Tea Journey is a magazine for consumers so preference is given to gardens with distribution that best serves our readers. Researchers, land use specialists, and tea experts are welcome to suggest articles on terroir as well.

Send suggestions with information on why you think the garden is exceptional along with details on who and how to contact garden owners to: Dan Bolton (Dan.Bolton@TeaJourney.pub)

In August Tea Journey will publish the 2017 “Tea Discovery” issue explaining how some of the world’s most delightful teas are made along with tasting notes and instructions for preparation. The issue also contains the digital (first flush) 2017 Harvest Review.

What’s Steeping PDF.

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