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LiveMarket listings are free so that even the smallest supplier can share information about their tea, teaware, and tea services. We encourage advertisers to post content because Tea Journey’s global audience of tea enthusiasts benefits from knowing pricing, availability, and product details not included in magazine articles. There are no strings and no hidden charges.

Readers welcome and respond to advertising that informs and makes it convenient for them to buy directly from producers and reputable retailers on every continent. Convey your message in the authentic voice of your brand to discover messaging that delivers sales results.

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Post photos of your teas, teaware, tea utensils, brewers, and infusers.
Add a video of yourself and your garden. Describe the taste and terroir.
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LiveMarket ads appear on the home page, at the foot of every article, and in the MailChimp newsletter announcing each new article.

There are no limits on words and images.

So how does Tea Journey make money giving away free ads?

Relationships are based on value, not price. Tea-thirsty subscribers in 104 countries finance our venture. Enhancing their journey in tea is our reason, mission, and our WHY. Readers who pay for content do not object to advertisers promoting quality products. Relevant advertising that educates and makes purchases convenient adds value.

LiveMarket pays in two ways.

  1. It brings in cash from sales, offsetting your marketing expense. How much? Vendors in the program offer 500 grams of teas ranging from $17 US Dollars to 70 Indian Rupees, to 70 Euros to 7000 Chinese Yuan ($1000). Marketers who regularly update their LiveMarket promotion and create an effective landing page featuring specialty teas in the $20-$40 range may close ten sales monthly. Appealing images and a compelling brand story are sufficient. Still, campaigns featuring videos are more effective in capturing the attention of most readers who view Tea Journey on mobile devices.
  2. During the past seven years, Tea Journey has attracted a loyal readership of several thousand paid subscribers with “unlimited access” and about 10x that many MailChimp registered “free” subscribers with limited access (one free post per month). The combined audience of magazine readers and tea professionals mirrors the entire (English-speaking) tea community. Crafting messages that resonate and drive sales among Tea Journey’s readers suggests those same messages, price points, and selections will scale on social media.
  3. LiveMarket campaigns generate unusually high (10% +) click-through rates — directing readers to landing pages controlled by advertisers. If your internal data records conversion rates as high as 50% of motivated buyers, you will do brilliantly on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

How will you know the value of LiveMarket advertising? Give it a try.


Uniques average 350 per day and peak at 1000 during the first 24 hours after articles are posted, trailing to 750 views and then 500 days over the next few days. MailChimp ranks 5000 of the 18,000 newsletter subscribers, either four-star or five-star. This pattern repeats three times per month as articles post on the 10th-20th-30th. In addition, Tea Journey has 4,500 followers on Facebook and 12,000 industry professionals who get posts via LinkedIn. Two-thirds of Tea Journey subscribers reside outside the US. Interest in specific articles varies and plays an important role in effective campaigns. Features on India do quite well in that region. Features on European tea growers are popular in the EU. The Nepal special issue, the India special issue, Health special issue, and the Green tea special issue attract readers with common interests. Tea Journey is completely transparent; advertisers are encouraged to use Google Analytics and JetPack to confirm reach, platform, length of page views, bounce rate, etc.  Tea Journey is transactional, every business depends on financial support, but meaningful relationships prize traceability and accountability over price.


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