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Tea Journey is a digital magazine for those thirsting for authentic knowledge about fine tea.

The publication’s website and mobile app is a bridge connecting those who craft handmade teas in 35 countries to the growing number of premium consumers globally. The magazine is a collaborative venture, self-financed by editors, writers, tea consultants, tea educators and tea experts globally. Tea Journey educates readers not only in the selection and preparation of artisan tea but also in the manufacture of teaware and authentic utensils designed to enhance the tea experience (meet the TJ Team).

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Tea Journey magazine launched in June 2016 at the successful conclusion of the third highest funded periodicals campaign in Kickstarter history.

Tea Journey believes that the most authoritative content originates in the tea lands. That is why the magazine recruited top journalists, tea experts, translators and publishers in the tea lands to contribute a third of the publication’s content. Tea Journey identifies the best articles found in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese publications. The staff then retells these stories in nuanced English.

Mobile apps are available for Android and Apple iOS. Subscribers can activate up to five devices.

Tea Journey publishes the equivalent of three 150-page issues annually along with regular blog posts with harvest updates throughout the year.

Annual issues include the April ORIGIN issue; the August HARVEST issue and the November GIFTING issue. Tea Journey is formatted for print but out of respect for the world’s forests it is distributed as a digital publication. The mobile magazine includes sections with tasting notes to develop your tea expertise; interviews with tea growers and tea masters; and profiles of artisans in teacraft and teaware. There are profiles of collectors, scientists, antiquities scholars and tea blenders.

During the weeks between issues subscribers receive full-featured WordPress articles and multi-media content on the Tea Journey blog. Subscribers have 24/7 access to the content, but may select to receive notifications for only the writers or topics they find relevant.

Tea Journey is distributed globally connecting growers in 35 countries with consumers worldwide. Tea Journey is committed to assisting millions of tea growers throughout the world who stand to prosper as the West awakens to the benefits of fine tea.  That is why it is priced at a rate accessible to even the most modestly-paid tea workers in the tea lands.

Knowing which teas and blends that the western markets prefer is a big advantage for growers. True agrarians, they are the sons and daughters of 5th to 18th generation tea farmers. Most have never traveled from their native country.

By encouraging consumers to pay a little more for their tea in the West, growers in direct-buy relationships receive a huge benefit.

The London-based Forum for the Future finances ongoing research into the Future of Tea. This non-profit calls tea “A Hero Crop for 2030.”

“The Tea 2030 process identified a real opportunity for tea to become a ‘hero’ crop. A hero crop delivers more than just a commodity.
It also delivers major benefits to the millions of people involved in the sector, the planet, and the wider economy.

“Crucially, tea can create deeper connections between end-consumers and producers, enabling people to better understand the value of what
goes into making their favorite drink, and reinforcing the importance of responsible production of a product that has a place in homes around the world.”

Think of us as a digital caravan of story tellers who travel to origin and return with authoritative, elusive and exclusive articles, photos and video that will help you to discover your tea destiny.

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Dan in Darjeeling, India November 2011 Holding tea seeds
Holding tea seeds in Darjeeling, India

Dan's Informal Signature (Blue)

Dan Bolton, Editor/Publisher





The Tea Journey Team
The Tea Journey Team Front from left: Bob Krul, Susan, Si Chen, Katrina Munichiello. Back row from left: Andrew McNeill, Austin Hodge, Kevin Gascoyne, Dan Bolton and Tony Gebely. Sky is the Limit organizing dinner at World Tea Expo/Long Beach, Calif. May 2015.