Countenance: Travelers Along the Tea Horse Road

Tea once traveled the most daunting journey of any plant on the planet. Few tea drinkers know the story of how tea spread to every nation from its origin in the mountains of China. Traders for 13 centuries loaded tea on the backs of yaks, mules, horses, sheep, and man.  It took months for caravans […]

ORIGINS: Garden by the River

It took ten years for Rajiv Lochan to acquire and consolidate various plots into a single garden known as Doke Tea, an organic farm along the south bank of the Doke River in Bihar, India.

ORIGINS: Kanchanjangha Organic Nepal Tea

RANITAR, Nepal Tea was a gift fit for their king that the humble people of Nepal have cherished since its arrival. Long before marketers labeled it organic, Nepal tea was grown with care. It was always the province of smallholders clinging to the mountain side like the trees they nurtured.  There were no grand schemes […]

TEA DISCOVERY: Thousand Tael Tea

Photos by Qiu, courtesy of Cha Dao Life Magazine Retold by Si Chen With its striking look, Thousand-Tael tea stands out of the post-fermented tea family. post-fermented tea, or dark tea (‘Héicha’), is a class of tea that has undergone microbial fermentation, from several months to many years. The tea is little known in the […]

How Millennials Take Their Tea

Tea may still take a back seat to coffee in the U.S., but it is gaining ground as more and more consumers enjoy its versatility, its health aspect and its variety of flavors and blends.

Evolution on the Farm

Six years is not a long time to master tea with its centuries of development, so expectations visiting Westholme Tea Farm were not high. But the region’s combination of ideal growing conditions and a sensitive palate produced something worthy of the title: Canada’s First Tea Farm.

Stylish Teapots

Having the perfect teapot on hand can only enhance the tea experience—especially with so many teapots available, each with its own personality and functionality.

Bro-mancing the Stone-Pressed Puerh Cake

Men have for centuries dominated the professional tea industry as tea buyers, sellers, traders, and plantation owners. They have also led as change agents and tea masters in the cultural tea arts, from the Japanese tea ceremony to gongfu cha in China and Taiwan. Gifting tea to and from men has long been a tradition in Asia.

Tea Gifts for Children

From nursery rhymes to imaginary parties with dolls and teddy bears, tea time captures children’s imagination like nothing else.

Tea on Campus

Tea is not only fast becoming a beverage of choice to help college students with late-night study crunching, it is also a source of community-building in the dorms.

Treasured Taste

In a category filled with smooth ceramic surfaces, the Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics stands out. Made out of rare Zisha clay, the teapot is produced through an involved, meticulous process.

HARVEST REVIEW 2016: Argentina

The harvest is just beginning in Argentina, the southernmost tea growing region in the world. This year November temperatures were unusually cool at the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Modern Tea Trends Take a Decidedly Victorian Turn in London

The quintessentially English custom of afternoon tea is experiencing a serious renaissance in London with dozens of hotels and tea salons offering both traditional services and those updated for a modern palate and sensibility.

For the Hostess, Tea is the New Wine

Looking for that perfect hostess gift? According to many experts, tea may be just as good a choice as wine—if not a better one.

For Teaware Collectors, An Insider’s Tour in Asia

Antiques Diva & Co. a custom antiques tour service is expanding to offer locales that will be of particular interest to true tea lovers: Six Asian locales.

Piping Hot

Tradition meets technology in the hottest thing to happen to bone china in recent history: a built-in heater. Glowstone is a heated smart mug created to conquer the task of keeping your tea or other hot beverage at optimum temperature.

Tea Towel Treasures

A new launch from those creative minds at Spoonflower brings Roostery to the marketplace, offering custom home décor, including tea towels, placemats, napkins, throw pillows and even occasional chairs.

Celebrating a Tea Party Artifact in Boston

Celebrate tea history and the American colonists’ protest against British rule at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

The Sweetest Sugar

The sugar cube has evolved quite a bit and, although it’s not as commonly used as other forms of sweetener, it remains a nicety that makes any tea tray or table a bit more special.

Brewing Euphoria

For tea lovers who appreciate the complexity of tea—and have $1,500 to spend—the new Teforia machine employs advanced machine-learning to take tea’s thousands of years of history and modernizes it for today.

The Wall

These exquisite teas make perfect samplers to tantalize the palette. From shop favorites to a collection of chai Cornelia Bean will customize your order. Enhance the experience further, infuse these teas in the beautifully hand crafted glass tea infuser, The Wall.

Green Tea Supplements under Scrutiny in Europe

The European Food Safety Association (EFSA) is under renewed pressure from the European Commission to investigate the safety of concentrated green tea catechins in supplements.

Weighing the Promises of Tea’s Weight-Loss Benefits

Although there’s certainly some evidence, and lots of hype, that the catechins and/or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea promotes better weight management, the number of human studies in this field is still quite limited.

Holiday Teas

Tea vendors make something special of the holidays with seasonal blends, special gift tins and packaging and scented teas to warm the home.

Being a Moderate Tea Drinker May Have Heart Benefits

Being a moderate tea drinker may help you fight the progression of coronary artery calcium and reduce your risk of incidents that cause damage to the heart muscle.

HARVEST REVIEW 2016: Indonesia The Evergreen Islands of Tea

Of the thousands of islands in Indonesia, just two make up the heartland for tea production: Sumatra, the largest of the islands, and Java, the social, political, and economic heart of Indonesia. Both islands enjoy some of the highest average rainfall in the country, and feature a series of steep mountain ranges carved out by […]

Kettles on the Boil

View the latest in energy-efficient, full featured electric tea kettles and stove-top kettles with flare from major suppliers around the globe.

Brewer Magic

Shopping for a brewer? Tea Journey covers the globe looking for innovative and advanced tea brewers to make every kind of team from matcha to machine-learning internet operated models.

Caffeine May Lower Older Women’s Risk of Dementia

New research indicates that drinking many cups of tea a day can reduce the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s in older women.

Four Symbols Premium Chinese Tea

Four Symbols teas are sourced in the unique tea lands of China, harmonizing the artisanship of man with nature to produce authentic specialty loose-leaf tea.

Tea Journey Blog

Never at a loss for words…

Tea Journey was funded this week by more than 550 backers who contributed $127,500 making this magazine the third highest funded periodical in Kickstarter history… To our backers around the world: Those who know me well, know that I’m never at a loss for words… until now. Tea Journey was funded at dawn — fittingly […]

Grasse: Tea Blenders’ Paradise

GRASSE, France — Less than an hour away from Nice, in the South of France, there is a small town that I call the “tea blenders’ paradise.” For us tea alchemists, the use of favouring is paramount to our tea creations, and Grasse is definitely the place to go for understanding and experiencing essences. The city […]

Human Elephant Conflict, An Environmental Tragedy

  Elephants are an integral part of Indian culture. They are generally referred to as Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu God. As per Hindu mythology, obeisance to Ganesh is obligatory before paying reverence to any other God. The elephants have been an influence on every aspect of life in India. Unfortunately however we have today […]

TEA & TECH: The Designing Mind of Allen Han

The intense, curious, and inventive mind of Allen Han has been focused for years on industrial design. The 45-year-old is best known for his role in creating the Xbox 360 and the Kindle Fire. But, since 2014, this designing mind has been turned to a new venture: creating the Teforia system, perhaps the ultimate in […]

The Gift of Tea

Tea is the beverage that welcomes millions of holiday visitors in every land — instantly conveying warmth and comfort. Centuries of joy accompany the simple gift of food and beverage, a trend that is accelerating. Recipients and gift-givers alike find pleasure and value in the exchange which include home made and artisanal offerings presented with […]

Tea Brined Holiday Porchetta

This Italian holiday classic is incredibly moist and more tender than you will believe. Although the hands on time is not long, you'll want to plan two days ahead to tea brine your pork belly overnight, then rub it with tea, herbs and spices and allow to sit another night before slowly roasting.

Tea Nog

For the holidays on a variety of menus I have often featured ‘Tea Nog’ which is a handmade eggnog made by replacing some of the base liquid with a slow cooked Masala Chai base.  For an at home version, the Masala base can be blended with a good commercial egg nog,  cooled double strength steeped Assam […]