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Health & Wellness: Tea for All Your Ages

  Tea is very much a personal choice, obviously, and all tea lovers have their individual favorites, equally obviously. What is less self-evident is how much our choices are influenced by age and aging. Tea is a lifetime drink and as our life moves on and times change, so do our preferences and needs. Here […]

Harvest Review: Assam’s Smallholders Inherit the Land

Jorhat, Assam The vast Brahmaputra Valley holds the world’s greatest concentration of tea. Commercial production began 180 years ago in a region that has 800 of the largest plantations in the world; employs 686,000 tea workers daily and is vast enough to harbor ancient tea forests that have flourished for millennia. Assam is the most […]

Tea Discovery: Crab Pincer Tea

Eons of evolution in the ancient tea forests of China has established a complex and delicate biomass. The gnarled, pale-grey and green trunks of the oldest trees are home to myriad adaptations of spiders, lichen, and the tree parasite known to locals as crab pincer, a tea mistletoe.

Origin India: Rimpocha the Legacy of Makaibari

Siliguri, West Bengal During his 47-year stewardship of Makaibari Tea Estate, one of India’s oldest and most celebrated tea habitats, Rajah Banerjee, 70, instituted innovations that continue to reverberate globally. The 1,100-hectare estate was both laboratory and classroom. “I was never an owner, just a steward in passing,” he says. Makaibari built the world’s first […]

Origin India: Discovering The Wild Tea Forest of Assam

    A avid explorer, Baruah, who has a Phd in agricultural science, has hiked the jungles that rise above the great Brahmaputra River Valley for many years, documenting various cultivars and collecting specimens used in his work at TRI. His curiosity led him to the Old Doidam area north of Myanmar, in southeastern Arunachal […]

Tea Aroma: The Intimate Journey

Tea offers adventures unlike those of any other beverage. We can all invoke our own special and intimate adventure in our minds and senses as we sip our cup. The first step begins with our eyes. We anticipate the adventure as we look into the cup, even before the tea’s aroma wafts to our nose.

Origin India: Kangra Valley

A scant 2,000 kilometers west of Darjeeling, on the opposite side of the Indian subcontinent, lays a scenic valley of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, a place steeped in Hindu mythology.

Tea and Terroir Through Time, China and France

The concept of terroir is still in flux, though trending toward a more widely accepted framework for an all-encompassing set of synergistic influences.

Origin India: Tamil Nadu and Kerala

The Western Ghats, South India Backbone of South India The six-hour drive south from Balanoor Tea Estate in Karnataka to the storied Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu skirts Mysore city, engages with endless hills of shade-grown tea and coffee, then climbs to a plateau studded with charming agricultural villages producing corn, cucumbers, mangos, palm oil […]

Origin India: The Deep South

Balanoor Tea Estate, Karnataka   Piece of Cake His birthday was celebrated in a leafy residential section of Bangalore, one of India’s more modern, connected cities. Thirty members of the prosperous Kuriyan clan milled about the cavernous apartment in the condominium complex they erected 15 years ago. Venerable tea and coffee planter, Ashok Kuriyan, the […]

Tasting Notes: A Taste of Winter in South India

There is a revolution going on in South India, right under our noses.  Up until the late 1980s perhaps, South Indian tea – from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala – was predominantly comprised of mid-grade CTC (cut, tear, curl) produced for the local market. In addition, there was a range of orthodox black teas, leaf […]

Russia’s Dark Secret: Baikhovy Tea

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia In the time of the great Khans a caravan laden with four “poods” of tea found favor with Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich but the “outlandish dried leaf” baffled his court. A pood is a Russian unit of mass equal to 40 funt, loosely translated it means “a very large amount” of tea (in this […]

Tea, Cha and Tisanes: Botanicals Reshape Tea Demand and Supply

There’s been a growing shift in the strange, unfamiliar and exotic words you’ll see on a tea ingredient label or description: it can be summarized as yesterday chemistry and botanicals today (and probably biogenetic propagation tomorrow.) Yesterday’s chemistry: sodium caseinate, modified corn starch, resveratrol extract, riboflavin, soy lecithin, ascorbyl glucoside, xylitol, sodium hexametaphosphate, and “natural” […]

Tea and Terroir Through Time

Where does tea flavor come from? The word “terroir” translates from the French to “of the earth.” It has become a fuzzy colloquial expression served up as a catchword that tries to resolve a mystery simply by naming it. The concept has been long in the making, dating to the very earliest Latin writings on wines. It’s a […]

The Statler

This cocktail was first created for the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  The Historic Park Plaza was originally called the Statler Hotel when it first opened its doors in 1927 and the Statler Lounge in the hotel pays tribute to that history.  New England has a long history with rum.  At it’s peak in 1770,  New […]

White Port with Black Tea, Lavender and Rose Petals

A taste of tea and flower petal infused White Port was the way that we greeted our Afternoon Tea guests at the Park Plaza for years.  The flowers, tea and herbs would vary, but this one was my favorite, so we came back to it time and time again. The tannins of the tea added […]

Tea Cocktails

In 2002 when Audrey Saunders first introduced her ‘Earl Grey Mar-Tea-ni’ at the Ritz Hotel in London, it took the mixology world by storm.  Ms. Saunders was at the forefront of a movement to use herbs and other culinary ingredients behind the bar, and while the cry was of innovation, Audrey was actually tapping into […]

The Smoky Tomato

This variation on a Bloody Mary is a wonderful vehicle for an earthy, smoky, Lapsang Souchong tea.  Lapsang Souchong is smoked over pine needles and pine wood for a wonderful tarry, peaty smokiness reminiscent of a good Islay Single Malt Scotch.

The Southern Earl Grey

This Champagne Tea Cocktail has been served on multiple continents and is a perennial favorite at L’Espalier in Boston.  It has also become a staple in classes as it combines two classic approached to tea cocktails, tea simple syrup and tea infused alcohol. When selecting the Bourbon to infuse, use a good quality that you […]

Tea in Brazil: Back to the Future

Tea comes (back) to Brazil Just as tea is emblematic of England and core to its history, coffee and Brazil go together as almost one word. And just as Britain is becoming a dynamic and vibrant coffee market, demand for tea is expanding in this nation of 200 million, whose borders touch every South American […]

Tea Cocktails

In 2002 when Audrey Saunders first introduced her ‘Earl Grey Mar-Tea-ni’ at the Ritz Hotel in London, it took the mixology world by storm.  Ms. Saunders was at the forefront of a movement to use herbs and other culinary ingredients behind the bar, and while the cry was of innovation, Audrey was actually tapping into […]

Biogenetics: Reducing the Mystery and Multiplying the Benefits of Tea

Tea’s a five-thousand year mystery tale. For every major fact we know, there is so much we have only been able to guess at or approximate about the “why” and “how” behind it. Here are the main mysteries: Flavors: Tea has an astonishing range of flavors and aromas: Mystery: How are they created from the […]

Time-lapse of Japan’s Shincha Harvest Tea

  KYOTO, Japan — This time-lapse video captures the beautiful birth of this year’s shincha harvest. A special video camera, positioned at the Nakakubo Tea Farm, advanced a few frames every 5 minutes for about 30 days last month to show us the dance of the new leaves. The digital images were then edited to […]

Climate Change: Growers Fight Back

It’s no news that climate change is a growing, severe and global problem. Alas, it’s also not news that this is getting worse. For the tea industry, the impacts are becoming more and more apparent. The consensual figure is that 20-50% of the positives of tea will be lost within the next two to three […]

Harvest Review: Vietnam

Vietnam in 2017 ranked as the world’s seventh-largest producer of tea and fifth in exports. It has 124,000 hectares under production in around half its provinces, including the subtropical North and tropical South. This is roughly the same as Indonesia and three times the tea-growing acreage in Japan. Exports in the first nine months of […]