Wuyi’s Rock Tea: Treasure Mountain

Long into the night tea grower Yihua Luo keeps a watchful eye over the new harvest roast. It is the critical final stage of the most intricate processing technique of any tea. He hasn’t slept in 32 hours.


Kanchenjunga: Five Treasures of the Great Snow Mountain

Parts of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan are within view of Mt. Kanchenujunga a majestic icon whose five peaks look down on famous tea gardens in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kalimpong, Pedong, Ilam, Hile and Taplejung.

Higashiyama Japan’s Tea Grass Gardens-Squared

Higashiyama: Japan’s Tea Grass Gardens

In the foothills of Mt. Fuji lies the village of Higashiyama where Chagusaba agriculture, a UN-designated Globally Important World Agricultural Heritage System, is a way of life for tea farmers.

Mary Cotterman Entranced by the Spinning Wheel-Squared

Mary Cotterman: Entranced by the Spinning Wheel

At a very young age, Cotterman developed a passion for pottery, making pinch pots in the rocky Texas dirt of her yard. By the age of 12, she had her first formal experience with a throwing wheel during a summer camp class.

The Timeless Perfection of Yixing Teapot-Squared

The Timeless Perfection of Yixing Teapots

In the households of Yixing, home of the celebrated purple clay teapots, ordinary potters are crafting something extraordinary.

Ju Pu Cha-Squared

Ju Pu Cha

The uplifting citrusy aroma from dried tangerine is deftly balanced with the plummy, earthy and glowing vintage puer.

Tea Cultivated 3,000 Years Before The Pyramids-Squared

Tea Cultivated 3,000 Years Before The Pyramids

Archaeologists digging in the Tianluo Mountains near Ningbo, in Zhejiang province, China, have traced the origin of tea to around 3,000 years before the first pyramids.


Palette for Your Palate

Thirty world-renowned chefs and mixologists were challenged to create a recipe for a tea entrée, tea dessert and tea cocktail, drawing inspiration from Tealeaves’ teabag collection and one out of 10 PANTONE colors.

Chigusa Ancient Japanese Diaries as an Art of Tea-Squared

Chigusa: Ancient Japanese Diaries as an Art of Tea

Particularly fine items used in these Japanese tea rituals were designated as meibutsu, or revered objects, by the tea men. Chigusa is a meibutsu tea jar and one of the most famous of several hundred antique ceramic storages jars still in existence.

Mammoth Tusk Teaset-Squared

Mammoth Tusk Teaset

Apple Computer designer Marc Newson recently unveiled a five-piece mammoth-ivory tea set for Georg Jensen, a Danish metalware brand.

Queensland Australia Tea Garden

Garden Hopping in Queensland

Visitors to the Northern Queensland, Australia, can still find a handful of tea estates in an area called the ‘Wet Tropics’ – go there before the rest of the world catches on and lose yourself in the peacefulness and timelessness of a heritage that’s gone but not forgotten.

Whimsical Tea Fish-Squared

Whimsical Tea Fish

Charm Villa’s whimsical tea bags are constructed of a Japanese fabric that requires 16 steps to make by hand.

a call for standard-Squared

A Call for Standards

The last decade has seen a boom in what the industry calls ‘Specialty Tea’, but if you ask for a definition you will come away confused.

What is so special about ‘Specialty Tea’?

In Search of the Elusive Tai Ping Hou Kui-Squared

In Search of the Elusive Tai Ping Hou Kui

Every tea taster dreams of discovering a remote, virtually inaccessible growing region producing exceptional tea. The discovery of Tai Ping Hou Kui was just such an experience for us.

A Rendezvous with Chance-Squared

A Rendezvous with Chance

Patterns in glazed tea bowls from the imperial Jianyao Kiln are “mysterious, sacred and transcendent” and some of the most celebrated national treasures in Japan.

Is that Cream in Your Tea or Tea in Your Cream-Squared

Is that Cream in Your Tea or Tea in Your Cream?

Like a kaleidoscope of flavor, with each permutation of tea and dairy, a winning new combination comes into focus.

Turning. Photo credit Zhaoshun Duan, courtesy of Puer Magazine

Pile-fermentation: The Catalyst that Creates Shou Puer

The 45-day pile-fermentation process involves moistening large stacks of sun-dried crude tea leaves. The leaves are piled high and carefully monitored to produce a dark composted tea known as Shou Puer.

New Zealand’s Tea Evolution-Squared

New Zealand’s Tea Evolution

New Zealanders are determined tea drinkers. Supermarket selection dominate but has evolved beyond canisters of traditional loose-leaf blends. With artisan tea merchant start their niche entrepreneurship, there is tremendous scope for Specialty tea market’s further expansion and innovation.

Where Trees Become Teas and Strangers Friends-Squared

Where Trees Become Teas and Strangers Friends

Happenstance along a muddy uphill trail in Xishuangbanna leads to a long-time friendship sharing tea.


Tea Mixology

Tea is a flexible botanical that belongs behind the bar and can inspire a mixologist from many directions. The role of tea continuously evolved in Modern craft cocktails.

Tea is the New Wine2-Squared

Tea is the New Wine

Think of your personal relationship to wine. When you first discovered wine and how you learned to appreciate it. Most importantly, retrace how you learned about wine and why a particular wine became your favorite. Now, imagine rediscovering that awakening, education and discovery. It is time for Grand Cru Tea.

tea & heart health-Squared

Tea and Heart Health: Benefits of Long-Term Consumption

Studies show the benefits of regular tea drinking can prevent arterial stiffening, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and stroke.


The Key to Weight Loss: Is it Caffeine or Tea Itself?

Connections have been shown in the past between caffeine-containing beverages and weight loss. But what is it that actually produces the result? In the case of tea, is it the caffeine or is it the tea?

Tea for Stronger Teeth-Squared

Tea for Stronger Teeth?

Is the fluoride in tea guilty of dental problems?

Using Green Tea to Block Starch Absorption-Squared

Using Green Tea to Block Starch Absorption

How does green tea prevent obesity?

Puer Peanut Butter Cheesecake-Squared

Puer Peanut Butter Cheesecake

puer and peanut butter, a combination made in gastronomic heaven that celebrates both the savoury and sweet profile of both ingredients simultaneously.


Puer Chazuke (tea over cooked rice)

Experiment puer with simple Asian style stir fry. Vegan friendly.


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Grasse: Tea Blenders’ Paradise

GRASSE, France — Less than an hour away from Nice, in the South of France, there is a small town that I call the “tea blenders’ paradise.” For us tea alchemists, the use of favouring is paramount to our tea creations, and Grasse is definitely the place to go for understanding and experiencing essences. The city […]

A Summer Barbecue

As the weather warms and you fire up your grills, it is second nature to reach for an iced tea or Tea Sangria, but tea isn’t just great accompanying grilled food, it can play a role within that food as well.  There is the ancient and classic concept of smoking with tealeaves that can easily […]

Fish House Punch

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Harvest Review: South Korea

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Hunting Down Wild Jin Jun Mei from Wuyishan

I began visiting tea markets to find companies selling interesting teas. I spent countless hours sipping teas at tea shops trying to find genuine wild tea. It proved to be difficult. Some marketers would claim to have authentic wild tea, but when I asked to see the mountain where the trees grew, they would hem and […]