Tea for Generations to Come

KITSUKI, Japan Small family-owned tea gardens are inseparable from the economic and social past of historical places such as Kitsuki, a scenic coastal city and authentic samurai town, home to a castle that dates to 1394. Tea permeates the culture here, having entered the fabric of Japanese society beginning in the 9th century. In the […]

Curios: First Tea Humidor

Encasing tea in these elegant jewelry cases of inlaid wood was deceptively challenging. This is because the world’s first tea humidor is exquisitely designed for modern travel — with all its variations in pressure, humidity, and temperature. It took artisans in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy four years to perfect the system which consists of […]

Curios: Antique Wind-up Karakuri Tea Carrying Doll

Hokkaido doll maker Chunimitsu Karakuri crafted this antique wind-up, walking Edo Karakuri doll to bring your daily tea. Karakuri are mechanical wood and paper dolls that date to the 17th century and are said to have inspired the Japanese fascination with robots. This exquisitely crafted and costumed Zashiki style doll stands 15.5 inches (39cm) tall. […]

Zhulu tea leaves

Of Morning Dew & Half-Day Sun – Taiwan’s Zhulu Tea

A high-mountain wulong known for its elegant aroma and sweet lingering aftertaste, Alishan Zhulu tea is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. Discover its story from Ren Zhi Deng, who was a catalyst in transforming his hometown into one of the most revered tea-producing areas in Taiwan.

Culinary: Smoking Foods with Tea

Smoking is an ancient food preservation technique prized now more for the flavors imparted by the smoke during the cooking process then the actual preservation of the food. Tea sommelier and author Cynthia Gold shares new recipes for smoked pork loin, smoked quail, smoked salmon, even a smoked cocktail.

Tea & Tech: The Designing Mind of Allen Han

The intense, curious, and inventive mind of Allen Han has been focused for years on industrial design. The 45-year-old is best known for his role in creating the Xbox 360 and the Kindle Fire. But, since 2014, this designing mind has been turned to a new venture: creating the Teforia system, perhaps the ultimate in […]

Consumer: The Beauty in Tea

Centuries ago, legend has it, Asian princesses used an essence derived from the green tea leaves grown on the Korean island of Jeju to preserve their ageless beauty. Turns out, those princesses were definitely on to something. Today’s beauty products companies are capitalizing on the super-antioxidant polyphenols found in tea to make both skin and […]

Origins: Obaatian, the Brazilian Mestizo Tea

It’s dawn and Elizabete Ume Shimada is already behind her sewing machine. Every day, this 90-year-old woman wakes at 4:30 does her daily gym, has a simple breakfast and goes to her post at the front balcony of the house, to work on new bags for the lychee harvest. From here she can watch the visitors […]

Origins: Making Nomad’s Tea in Mongolia

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia The nomadic way of life shapes Mongolia like no other country. Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world – its 600,000-square-mile plateau is home to all who roam the vast steppes. Three-fourths of the county is pasture land with the rest divided between forests and the Gobi Desert. The economy […]

Origins: Historic Ceylon

From the vibrant colors and culture of Colombo to the peaceful hillsides of Kandy, Sri Lanka is both a tea lover’s and traveler’s paradise.  Formally known as Ceylon, this South Asian Island in the Indian Ocean is located 20 miles (32 kilometers) southeast of India.  Its stunning beaches, exotic wildlife, and rich history provide the […]

Origins: Tea in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia In a country where eating is more or less the national sport, tea is prominent on the nation’s menus — lots of it. Tea has been a traditional beverage for Malaysians for more than 150 years, particularly among Chinese immigrants although exactly when the habit took hold is unclear. But observing just […]

Origins: Kanchanjangha Organic Nepal Tea

RANITAR, Nepal Tea was a gift fit for their king that the humble people of Nepal have cherished since its arrival. Long before marketers labeled it organic, Nepal tea was grown with care. It was always the province of smallholders clinging to the mountain side like the trees they nurtured.  Tea developed naturally. Unlike India […]

Countenance: Travelers Along the Tea Horse Road

Tea once traveled the most daunting journey of any plant on the planet. Few tea drinkers know the story of how tea spread to every nation from its origin in the mountains of China. Traders for 13 centuries loaded tea on the backs of yaks, mules, horses, sheep, and man.  It took months for caravans […]

Curios: Double Wall Gaiwan

Manual founder and creative director Craighton Berman funded this Tea Maker No.1 on Kickstarter. The minimalist tea brewer is made of slip-cast porcelain and cool-to-the-touch laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Inspired by the Chinese gaiwan, its double-wall construction keeps the steep temperature stable. The tea maker holds 6 oz (175 ml), slightly more than the traditional brewing […]

Curios: The Deviehl is in the Details

Crafted from exotic materials, these magnificent cups from Deviehl are a testament to London’s ability to create heirlooms for the most discerning aristocrats. A sensory delight to drink from, these exquisite objet d’arts are marveled by the arbiter elegantiae who spends his days in the continual pursuit of savoir-vivre. Rich colors and understated adornments make […]

Curios: The Scent of Tea

Literally steeped in alcohol, the subtlety of the rare teas in this collection from Jo Malone London was completely preserved, according to master perfumer Serge Majoullier. “Infusion is a traditional perfumery process not often used today. We thought it would be interesting to revisit it to create a highly modern collection of scents,” said Majoullier. […]

How to be a Tea Tourist in Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia One of the great pleasures of traveling is taking time to enjoy tea in a new place in accordance with the customs of the local residents. These are our picks: Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur: This Colonial hotel adjacent to the Botanical Gardens is oh-so-majestic if you wish to take tea in the […]

Curios: Customized Tea Towels

                      Personalization was already taken to new heights when Spoonflower began in 2008 and created a way for consumers to design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Now, a new launch from those creative minds at Spoonflower brings Roostery to the […]

Tea Journey Blog

Innovation in Tea: Watch These Spaces

The Innovation Imperative: Where and How, not If In a time of change, the question is not whether to innovate, but how. For tea, it’s also urgent. There are challenges to business as usual everywhere: sustainable development, shifting consumer tastes and demographics, coffee competition, yields, costs, and quality, to name just the obvious. The good […]

Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression

Does your tea contain pesticides? How much should that matter? Many tea drinkers have an impression that it is at least slightly unsafe as a drink. The more they are concerned with tea as a wellness aid – green tea health benefits, non-caffeinated herbal teas, natural ingredients, and organic growing, the stronger that impression is […]

The Nuances of Authentic Tea Blending

 Most people are familiar with the many black tea blends on the market but may not have much sense of the nuances of bringing together a complex set of flavors and of the wide varieties of choices that differentiate similar sounding teas. What, for instance, is the foundation of the tea blends we hear so […]

Innovation in Tea Flavor Design: Anything Goes – With Anything

How would you describe the flavor of these ten teas? They are a representative selection from the many market innovations that are having at least initial success. They consistently get positive customer reviews, and favorable informative and non-hype press and industry coverage. Some of these surely will not maintain a sustainable growth. But who knows […]

A New Era of Tea Tech and Sci: Smart Eyes, Molecular Detectives, Soft $3

Tea tech: robotics, computer vision, machine learning; Tea Sci: biogenetics, biomarkers; Soft $3: end-to-end logistics, sustainability, cost, productivity   If you search online for “tea innovation news” most of the results will be about the surge of new products. These are creative and  original. They are targeted to millennials, premiumization, flavor inventions and market-opening categories […]

Tea and Buddhism: Té if by Sea, Cha by Land

Tea and Buddhism: Much More than Just Contemplation It seems natural to associate Buddhism with tea. Tea expresses China’s history. It symbolizes the ethos and practices of  yoga, Zen and meditation.  Buddhism’s concerns for healthy daily living conjure up images evocative of tea. They highlight its calming, cleansing, contemplative, and ceremonial nature. These never even hint […]

Tearoom Revolution: The Weapon of Women’s Rights and Entrepreneurship

Tearooms are romantically portrayed as cozy and pleasant places to relax and enjoy teas with cakes, biscuits and sandwiches. Tearoom mythology is reinforced through evocations of scones and clotted cream. Hidden behind the Olde Worlde facade is a darker history. These unobtrusive locations became a force exploited by well-organized militants. They pushed aggressively to undermine […]

Kunlun Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum Tea: The two-mile high tea blossom

   Kunlun Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum tea is as striking to taste as it is to look at. It’s a candidate for any list of the world’s best herbal teas. But it also has a rich, aromatic whole leaf black tea flavor. It’s caffeine free but with a caffeine-ish zip. Additionally, it makes a terrific do-it-yourself […]