Sri Lanka’s Artisan Tea Collective

Sri Lanka celebrates diversity in tea. A new generation of Ceylon tea growers recently established an artisan tea collective to showcase exceptional teas produced to interest a niche domestic market and equally, the international market.

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3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s Artisan Tea Collective

  1. Very nice atricle. I wish the Sri Lankan artisan tea manufacturers the very best. Happy to have supplied some of the machinery to Forrest Tea

  2. Every step in this direction is meaningful. Moving the dial from commoditised tea to “real” tea, the original way of drinking and savouring this great beverage, is ardous – but many hands make light work! Kudos to Amba, Kaley and Forest Hill! Kudos also to Aravinda for writing such a fine article and furthering their good work!

  3. I am happy and pleased to see the growth and success of Amba. I was their initial consultant in 2011; they were selling good green leaf to a local tea factory at a fraction of its value. I taught Beverly Wainwright the art of artisanal hand-made tea making – which she took to like a duck to water. The rest is history.

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