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Destinations: India

India's remarkably diverse tea lands are the perfect destination for holiday vacationers. The cool hill stations in the Nilgiris in South India, the gentle slopes of Assam, and the rugged, picturesque gardens of North India each offer a unique tea culture and cuisine.

Sinna Dorais at Kadamane Tea Estate

Sinna Dorais Bungalows Balance Comfort and Old World Charm

If you drive 250 kilometers west of Bangalore, India, you reach Sakleshpur, where the coffee country begins. And sitting here amongst the coffee estates is a tea garden called Kadamane. And that itself seemed reason enough to book a stay.

Who’s Cooking Badaga Food? 

Badaga food from the tea-growing Nilgiri mountains is distinctive from all other Indian tea-inspired cuisines. Tourists drawn to South India are fascinated by the stories of this indigenous tribe that has lived in the Blue Mountains for centuries.

Teahouse Treks: Of Himalayan Hospitality and Tranquility

The aroma of sweet tea wafts through the air, that weary trekkers like us respond eagerly to. Over the years,  I have taken to stopping by the teahouses on my treks, even if for a brief pause.

The Mayfair Manor, Jungpana

Cocooned in Darjeeling: The Mayfair Manor, Jungpana

Stay in a restored bungalow originally built in 1910 and once the residence of the Nepali royal family. It offers 12 exquisitely decorated and spacious suites, each named for an historical figure attached to the estate.


The Indulgence of Tea Bungalows

Experience a holiday in the tea gardens and hotels near Darjeeling where lodging is an indulgence, with old-world charm and gorgeous vistas.

Authentic and Sustainable Tea Tourism

Consumers who experience the origin, terroir, and processing of the leaves in the cup can engage more deeply by visiting tea-growing regions to learn about tea. Visiting origin forever alters one’s relationship to tea. But before delving into the myriad tour options it is important to reflect on how our actions may impact others. Namely, while simultaneously seeking an authentic, hands-on tea tour, one must also consider which programs are sustainable and respectfully engage the host culture(s).