Automated Brewers

Convenience and excellence are often locked in a contest of give-and-take. Modern brewers can consistently make a great cup of even delicate loose-leaf tea with minimum energy consumed.


BRU Maker One
BRU Maker One | Get More From Your Tea

BRU | BRU Maker One

Our innovative, automated tea brewer allows you to enjoy any tea you like, including loose-leaf or tea sachets, and get the greatest ”value” from each cup. The BRU Maker One allows you to perform a ”stacked steep” with three different infusions. The first infusion maximizes the tea’s aromatics, the second extracts natural sugars, and the third extracts phytonutrients and polyphenols. This steeping process lets you get the most ”value” out of your tea regarding flavor, health benefits, and aromatics. BRU makes this easy by allowing you to steep your tea without the usual mess.

Set your brewing time, water temperature, and cup size at the push of a button, or select one of the presets. This connected and patented device is a must for your home or office. Your previous settings are saved so you can quickly repeat the process – BRU is a high-quality, quick, and convenient solution for serious tea drinkers.

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EUR 275 – USD 300 – CAD 400 | Now Shipping in Europe | Join The Waitlist |

At the beginning of this year, we opened up our shop in Germany and Switzerland. We have now delivered over 5,000 machines to happy tea drinkers! We set out to make tea brewing more convenient, consistent, and sustainable. After hearing the feedback from our customers, we are thrilled that we are achieving this goal. Our main feedback is that the BRU Maker One helps our customers drink more tea! We are now working hard to make the BRU Maker One available to more tea drinkers. Our webshop,, is open to customers across most of Europe. If you live elsewhere, please email us at, and we will let you know once it becomes available in your country.


Adagio Tea | VelociTEA Tea Maker

Fill with water, add leaves, and select your tea variety. The kettle will heat water to an ideal temperature and then steep the leaves for an ideal duration. Its ingenious new design pumps water from the base into the infuser basket, where the tea is steeped and brewed tea filters back into the kettle at the perfect strength for your chosen variety. When the tea is ready, the kettle will keep it warm for 60 minutes to ensure your last cup tastes as good as your first. Need hot water? Select the “heat only” button first and then your desired temperature. The infuser basket is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

$99 | 6″ dia. | 11″ tall | Makes min. 8 oz and max. 40 oz of tea | 110 volts, 1500 watts |

Qi Aerista | IoT brewer
Qi Aerista | IoT brewer

Qi Aerista | IoTea Brewer

NOTE: All versions of this brewer, including Amazon stocks, are sold out. Founder Rick Ha is undertaking a redesign with improved features, with production aimed at Q2 2024. In the meantime, sign up for updates at www.qiaerista.comClick here for details and to order  Qi Aerista’s selection of fine teas.

The patented Aero-Brew infusion system delivers great taste with touch-panel convenience. Brewer has nine presets and a variable temperature function to meet all your needs—warming mode for up to 1 hour. Remote control and real-time tracking from start to finish make this an IoT (internet of things) smart kettle with fully customizable brew times to 1 second and a temperature of 1 degree (Fahrenheit or Celsius). The brewer operates in four brewing modes: heat and brew, boil and brew, boil and cool, and heat only. The brewer is made of borosilicate glass with an anti-drip spout, cast aluminum handle, food-grade stainless steel construction, and a scratch-resistant touch panel. Comes in black.

$TBA | Stands 7.8”t x 8.3”l x 5.7”w | Capacity 0.7 liters | 1000 watts


Special T | Mini.T Tea Brewer

Introducing the Mini.T Tea capsule brewer for those who love the convenience and ease of a Keurig coffee machine but love tea. At the touch of a button, the SPECIAL.T machine offers you the perfect cup of tea in all simplicity. It instantly recognizes the type of tea you’re using and automatically adjusts brewing time to match. Discover more than 35 varieties of teas, herbal teas, and rooibos from the most prestigious gardens worldwide. And guess what, there’s a latte function as well!| 260 mm x 155 mm x 315 mm | 3.95 kg

119,00€ |


Chai Tea Brewer

Chai Tea Brewer

Chime | Chai Tea Brewer

The only device in the world designed to brew authentic chai at the push of a button without compromising ingredients or taste. Chime combines the traditional, hand-crafted process of making chai with our passion for product design and technology. | 13.5 x 11 x 11 inches



Origin Tea Brewer

Riviera et Bar | Origin Tea Brewer

Riviera et Bar | Origin Tea Brewer

Origin combines all conditions for a perfect cup of tea: the right infusion time, the right temperature, the quantity of leaves adapted to the volume of water, and the soft infusion (without pressure) to reveal all your tea’s properties. Origin reveals the olfactory and gustatory properties of all your teas and infusions in automatic or fully customizable mode. | L 245 x H 315 x P 250 mm | 3.8 kg

269,99€ |

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