Holiday Tea Gift Sets

Gift givers (and getters) get more for the money with teas bundled with teaware and utensils.

Nepal Tea Collective | Sampler + The Wall
Nepal Tea Collective | Holiday Sampler + WALL Tea Infuser

Nepal Tea Collective | Holiday Sampler + The WALL

Sample 14 Teas and Brew in Seconds! Packaged with the perfect single-cup brewer, a WALL tea infuser. There is no need for a bulky teapot, a hard-to-clean strainer, or an extra mug. The WALL Tea Infuser is all of the three mixed in one! Brewing tea has never been simpler! Pick a tea of your choice, drop it in the infuser, wait for a few seconds, and then sip on it! $50 (11% Discount) | Heat resistance borosilicate glass | Microwave and dishwasher safe | Built in Strainer |


An Araksa Tea gift set

Araksa Tea | Organic Tea Set

Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season with the Araksa Organic Tea Set. Araksa Tea makes award-winning Organic teas grown in the north of Thailand. All of their tea, tea blends, and herbal teas come from their certified organic tea garden and farm. The Organic tea gift set comes with a beautiful glass tea mug, wooden spoon, and your choice of either their signature Thai tea, vibrant Bluefly herbal tea, or the aromatic and festive Season’s Greetings Tea. Araksa Tea is passionate about preserving the nature and indigenous culture of Northern Thailand. All of the materials for their packaging are sustainable and locally sourced.

900THB | 80g tea, 1 wooden spoon & 1 glass tea mug | Araksa Tea |


All About Kombucha brewing kit

All About | Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

All About Kombucha is Ireland’s only carbon-neutral Kombucha Brewery. They’ve been selling live, unpasteurized Organic kombucha since 2017. Hand-canned and proudly brewed in Galway, Ireland. The Deluxe Kombucha Brewing kit comes with everything you need to start brewing healthy kombucha at home.

  • S.C.O.B.Y + Starter Liquid
  • Organic Loose Leaf Tea
  • Reusable Cotton Tea Bag
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • 750ml Swing Top Glass Bottle
  • 2 Liter Kilner Jar
  • Cheesecloth + Elastic Band
  • Detailed Brew Instructions

Each deluxe kit makes two liters of Kombucha, but the SCOBY (Kombucha cultures) can be used again and again!

39,50€ | All About Kombucha |


Prana Chai Christmas Gift Box

Prana Chai | Choc Mint Chai Christmas Gift Box

It’s officially chai tea season! Prana Chai makes hand-blended teas mixed with honey for a unique and delicious sticky Chai. Their Choc Mint Chai Christmas box features everything needed to make a festive Chai tea as good as any chaiwalah.

  • 500g Choc Mint Chai Limited Edition Blend (made with 100% Organic cacao husks)
  • Special Edition Prana Chai Joco cup
  • Stainless steel stove top pot
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Prana Chai Recipe Booklet, packed with six original recipes to help you make the most of your chai

A must-have gift for all the chai lovers in your life!

$115 | Prana Chai |


Hojicha Boba Tea kit from Boba Guys
Hojicha Boba Tea kit from Boba Guys

Boba Guys | Hojicha Boba Kit

Revolutionizing the world of Boba tea one tapioca pearl at a time! Boba Guys makes artisanal boba tea using high-quality all natural ingredients. They’re so obsessed with boba that they even built their own boba tea factory in California! The Hojicha Boba Kit comes with all the essentials needed to create your own stunning cup of boba tea at home. Kit includes:

  • US Boba Co. Tapioca balls (the only preservative-free tapioca pearls made in the US)
  • Tea People organic hojicha powder
  • Boba Guys housemade sweetener (Kuromitsu- made with unrefined black sugar from Okinawa)
  • Tea People teaspoon
  • Boba Guys reusable straw
  • Bamboo whisk
  • Instructions

$50.00 | Boba Guys |


Rice Oolong tea blend from Teawala        Ceramic Elephant tea pet from Teawala

Teawala | Rice Oolong & Elephant Tea Pet 

Thailand has long been a favorite tourist destination, and now, thanks to the incredible work of several hardworking tea producers and purveyors, it’s quickly becoming a tea destination as well. Celebrate the vibrant flavors and memorable sights of “the land of smiles” with this wonderful tea gift set from Teawala. The set includes 50g of loose-leaf Rice Oolong, a blend of premium oolong tea, and the unique herb Nuo Mi Ye. Known as the sticky rice herb across northern Thailand for its sweet fragrance, Nuo Mi Ye imparts a lovely vanilla-like taste similar to the pandan and sticky rice desserts that are adored across SE Asia. The tea can be paired with an adorable elephant tea pet, representing longevity, strength, and durability and the nation’s symbol. Transport your loved ones back to Thailand with this delicious and unique gift set.

$42.00 | 50g of tea & Clay Elephant Tea Pet | Teawala |


Teabag |  Winter set

The Christmas set is the perfect gift for tea lovers, making winter evenings extra special. The set includes not only exquisite Earl Grey tea (50g), but also a charming winter mug (28cl), creating a harmonious pair to savor a moment of peace. | 2 items

zł73.90 |



Palais des thés | Le Thé Magnifique gift set

It is a delicious limited edition, with the accessories needed to prepare it and some treats to accompany it. Includes 110g of Le Thé Magnifique, chocolate & orange shortbreads, small hazelnut calissons, as well as a porcelain holiday infuser mug, a measuring spoon, and a pack of a hundred small tea filters.| 6 items

€67.00 |



Mariage Frères | Gift Set Esprit de Noël

Enjoy a black tea flavored with mild Christmas spices, pieces of orange zests, and vanilla in a classical tin can (110g), along with a fine porcelain teapot (30cl) and a silver-plated measuring spoon, everything you need to get right into the spirit of the Holidays.| 3 items

79€  |



La via del te |  Christmas Blends Gift Box

Two blends inspired by the most joyful festivity of the year. It is an ideal drink for the festive day with the irresistible fragrance of freshly baked biscuits and chocolate. Includes two tin cans of 40g and a golden stainless-steel infuser. | 3 items

31.90€ |









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