Kérouzéré Mill’s Botanical Garden

Tea at Kérouzéré Mill Land and sea bicker over the Léonard region, whose weather will seem harsh to newcomers. In North Brittany, in the Finistère department the coast is washed all year round by wind and waves, and when the sun shows its warm

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2 thoughts on “Kérouzéré Mill’s Botanical Garden

  1. Oh la la! I am trying to imagine the honey steamed tea….and how you did that? Then I started imagining wild blackberries, etc. Tea is wild and creative. pwinchester

  2. Hi Paula ! I like your “oh la la ” ! The honey steamed tea magician is Emile Auté. He’s inspired by the oolong process. He is very attached to the notion of terroir. In his tea plantation in the Loire valley (an article is planned on this subject later this year), he cultivates a lot of plants and fruits to mix them with his teas (so that he gets a 100 % french terroir product). He is also experimenting with a tea made with steamed milk from local cows. You’re absolutely right, tea is wild and creative !

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