Tea from the Clouded Mist of Huangshan

For centuries, in southwest Anhui, Huangshan Mountain has endeared itself to scenic seekers, poets, and tea lovers. Landlocked Huangshan is one of the oldest and most famous tea-producing areas in China. Plantings began before the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Historically, Huizhou included Xiuning (休宁), Qimen (祁门), Jixi (绩溪), Yixian (黟县), and Shexian (歙县) counties, plus Wuyuan (婺源) in modern-day Jiangxi province. During the Five Dynasties, Shezhou Dafang tea was a tribut

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1 thought on “Tea from the Clouded Mist of Huangshan

  1. Wonderful article Sai Yu.
    Looking at the first picture of the tea hills is unreal, I could not believe that it had the exact look and feel about the tea hills of where my ancestors settled in South India, Munnar (Kannan Devan Hills).
    Ever since I discovered my ancestral roots that connect me to Huizhou Green tea hills I am fascinated and nostalgic about anything and everything about that place. I would love to know more and learn about this place.
    I would like to connect and ask you for more information, here is my email address, its jamesajoo@gmail.com

    And here is a link to my story: https://teajourney.pub/nilgiris/

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