Cultivating Tea in Colombia

Sri Lankan cultivars were the first tea to arrive in Colombia whose mountainous Andean backbone offers an abundance of micro climates. Tea there is grown in the western cordillera of the Andes, a few hundred miles from the Equator. Trees are planted on silvestres (wildflower meadows) and in subtropical forests at altitudes between 5,900 and 8,200 feet (1,800

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2 thoughts on “Cultivating Tea in Colombia

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    If i talk aboutCultivating Tea in India, Tea cultivation does not have long tradition in India as it started in the middle of nineteenth century only, when first tea plantations were established in Assam. However, tea cultivation has shown steady progress right from the beginning. At the time of Independence, tea gardens covered 3,011 lakh hectares producing 2.61 lakh tonnes of tea. The progress of tea cultivation in India from 1960-61 to 2003- 04

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