Harvest Review Argentina

Uniquely positioned in the southern hemisphere where the harvest will soon be underway, Argentina is one of the world’s great tea producing nations. Tea is harvested from November through April – fortunate timing in a world upended by the coronavirus. Carolina Okulovich, president of the Chamber of Argentine Tea Manufacturers (

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8 thoughts on “Harvest Review Argentina

  1. Is this tea organic?
    Is it tested for pesticide residues and heavy metals?
    Is the environment low pollution; air and soil?
    Please include information in article.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Thomas, this information is in the article, that’s why I Horacio mentioned the teas are SAN certified by Rainforest Alliance. The tea from Picada Libertad are certified organic under EU and US rules, The Finlay’s teas are Rainforest Alliance certified. Testing for contaminates and pesticide residue is done both at origin and by retailers and wholesalers who market these teas.
      Thanks for reading Tea Journey,

  2. Hello Graciela, Hello Victoria, Thank you very much for your comment, Horacio
    Hola Graciela y Victoria, muchas gracias por sus coemntarios, saludos Horacio

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