Destination Songyang China

Modern Songyang integrates the essence of mountain and river, the taste of the countryside, and the beauty of folk art and local customs.

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8 thoughts on “Destination Songyang China

    1. Thank you for your support. China tea marketing association will hold an international tea affair in Songyang county next year (2021). Everyone is welcome to join us there.

  1. Beautiful article, I have been to this place once in 2017 entering through Quzhou by bus. It is really beautiful small county which is well known for tea trading having many small factories and tea gardens.

    1. Yes, Songyang county has changed a lot since 2017. In the recent years, Songyang’s tea industry has developed a lot.

  2. Lovely way to learn about a new place, and like everyone says, what amazing pictures. “Fairyland” is right!

  3. The picking picture is lovely, however the aspect of the manucured bushes seems to indicate that it’s all mechanical harvesting there , isn’t it ? many thanks for your feed back.

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