Preserving the Life of the Leaves

Storage is a challenge tea drinkers have struggled with for as long as Camellia sinensis has been part of our […]

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Inspiring enthusiasts to refine their taste in tea

Keemun Black Tea and mushrrom risotto

Keemun Mushroom Risotto

This Keemun Mushroom Risotto is so hearty and satisfying that you’d never think it’s completely vegetarian. There are 2 star […]

A Summer Barbecue

As the weather warms and you fire up your grills, it is second nature to reach for an iced tea or Tea Sangria, but tea isn’t just great accompanying grilled food, it can play a role within that food as well.  Consider Matcha and White Bean Dip, or upgrading your S’mores!

Can Tea Lower Your Risk of Diabetes?

The benefits of tea may be due to its influence on the digestion of glucose (blood sugar), the ADA noted, or because of tea’s high polyphenol content.

Modern Future for Ancient Remedy: Tea

Evidence dating to antiquity attests to the medicinal powers of tea, but Tetley foresees a future where “remedy teas,” teas […]

aged pu'er

The Aroma of Pu’er

Originating in Yunnan’s large-leaf species, pu’er tea can be stored for many years. Its aroma diminishes gradually.  A latent note is uncovered as volatile aromatic compounds with a low boiling point dissipate. A quality piece of new raw pu’er cake with proper storage will develop a clean and robust grassy aroma and then flower, fruit, honey, plum, almond, and woody aroma, finally expressing the epitomic vintage notes.

Harvest Review: Southwestern China

China’s southwestern region includes Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing. The southwestern region is the oldest tea producing region in […]

Harvest Review: South Korea Ujeon-Sejak (Early Season)

Many tea connoisseurs wait for this first harvest each year, which is usually only available in very small quantities, and will most likely be gone within the first few months or even weeks of its harvest.