Teapot High Art: Trenton Teapot Museum

One man’s veilleuse-théière obsession preserved in small town Photo credit: Pat Riley “VAY-yerz Tay-ee-yair.” The first thing Dent Partee, docent at the Trenton Teapot Museum in Trenton, Tennessee, wants you to know is how to pronounce the name of the 527 “nightlight teapots” in the museum’s exhibit. The veilleuse-théières displayed are the world’s largest collection of these unique and remarkable works of art, created between 1740 and 1860. In the eighteenth centu

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4 thoughts on “Teapot High Art: Trenton Teapot Museum

  1. Hi Diane,

    Yes, really glad you enjoyed the piece. It’s a super-fun place to visit…about 100 miles from Memphis, if you’re ever in Tennessee!


  2. Excellent article. I truly enjoy the Tea Time shop. I have spent several afternoons enjoying Kelly’s complimentary tea by the hand carved fireplace. Now that the weather is warm, I hope to enjoy the porch.

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