Janis Hashe

Tea Cuisine is Now Mainstream

Beyond Tea Cuisine

What’s changed is what I hoped would change. There is no such thing as ‘Tea Cuisine;’ it is no longer an oddity or a fad. It’s just another palate of ingredients and techniques that can and do inspire many chefs and mixologists. – Cynthia Gold

Roy Fong: A Chinese-American Journey

At age 6, on his way to school, Roy Fong would linger at a Hong Kong food stand where day laborers were making gongfu cha. Sometimes someone would offer him a cup, and he never forgot the wonderful aroma and taste.


Craft Tea for Younger Generations

During the past few decades, all types of tea, from herbal to Pu’er, have re-emerged in premium formats favored by younger generations. “What makes the super-premium tea category unique, in my view, is the importance of storytelling with regard to ingredient origin, processing, and functional appeal,” says Euromonitor Beverage Analyst Howard Telford.

Nakayama Stoneworks | Personal Matcha Stone Mill

Unique Tea Gifts

Now this really is for the Dad-Who-Has-Everything. This small, relatively lightweight matcha stone mill is handcrafted by master stoneworkers from stone quarried in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture. Your father can show off traditional, perfectly ground matcha to the envy of his friends.

Concreta Oolong

Tea-infused Beauty and Bath

Known for centuries as a skincare superfood, green tea is everywhere in cosmetics from tea-infused beauty and bath products including skin conditioners, soaps, and balms to overnight masks.

Soleil Gift Set

Tea boxes/Gift sets

Gift sets of tea with teaware make memories all the more precious on Mother’s Day. These selections include infusers, tea pots, a matcha set, and sachets in tins.

Art of Tea Tea-of-the-Month

Tea Clubs & Subscriptions

So many choices! Let the blenders and brands lend you a hand by curating selections from their select lines. Tea vendors offer three month, six-month and annual options.

Thabisa Tea Cosies

Tea Accessories

Measuring caddy spoons recall the era when real shells were put in tea chests to allow buyers to take samples. Indispensable for correct tea preparation, this measuring caddy spoon is of Art déco style.

Lapsang Souchong

Pairings: Smoky Teas

The intense, smoky flavors of certain teas isn’t a fluke. Some are made from leaves actually smoke-cured during preparation, imbuing them with a robust taste that your dad may well appreciate on his special day. If he enjoys a cigar now and then, there are teas perfect to be enjoyed with his smoke, including the green tea listed below. And if a steak on the barbie is his ideal meal, gift him with a smoked tea rub for an unforgettable Father’s Day feast.

Inspired by Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey aired for six seasons in the U.S., and its American fans became legion. Millions could not resist the upscale dramas of the Crawley family and its servants. If your beloved mater is among the Downtonites, why not treat her this year to a tea service fit for the denizens of the Abbey itself?

Shinbone Alley | Whiskey Infusion Cocktail Pack

Bar & Culinary Gifts

Shinbone Alley created spice and tea blends to be infused into whiskey, making Dad a master mixologist of Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, Old Fashioned, and his own custom cocktails.

Tea Forte Fleur Gift Set

Teas for Mom

Each year, there are more teas created with mom in mind, and 2023 is no exception. Each one of these will warm your mother’s heart, as well as her teacup.

Picnic Basket

Picnic Baskets

During times when the great outdoors is the safest place to play, consider a tea time picnic with a basket filled with summer fare, a thermos of iced tea and as a special treat – macaroons and other afternoon tea dainties.

Republic of Tea Big Slim

Iced Tea Pitchers

Pitchers are the best way to display the beautiful color of iced tea. Quantity counts and these selections are sturdy, functional and appealing. Look for pitchers that can withstand the fresh brewed, flash-chill process.

Capresso rewer

Iced Tea Makers

Brewers to make iced tea and cold brew tea and coffee have advanced features to simplify the task of making the perfect summertime thirst quencher.

The Beauty in Tea

Legend has it, Asian princesses used an essence derived from the green tea leaves grown on the Korean island of Jeju to preserve their ageless beauty. Turns out, those princesses were definitely on to something. Today’s beauty products companies are capitalizing on the super-antioxidant polyphenols found in tea to make both skin and hair care lines.

Tea Utensils

We can’t all live in this Yellow Submarine, but you can brighten up your dad’s morning tea with this cheerful little submersible. It submerges loose tea leaves to the bottom of the cup or mug, creating a perfect little ocean of fragrant wakeup.

Luxury Line Cha Ling’s Focus on Puer Resonates Globally

Cosmetics firm Cha Ling 20 is supporting 20 hectares of tea garden zone, located within the 400-hectare Biodiversity Reserve managed by Minguo Li Margraf. This reserve is in Xishuangbanna, South Yunnan in the famous Laobangzhang Pu’er Tea designation