Janis Hashe

Roy Fong: A Chinese-American Journey

At age 6, on his way to school, Roy Fong would linger at a Hong Kong food stand where day laborers were making gongfu cha. Sometimes someone would offer him a cup, and he never forgot the wonderful aroma and taste.


Craft Tea for Younger Generations

During the past few decades, all types of tea, from herbal to Pu’er, have re-emerged in premium formats favored by younger generations. “What makes the super-premium tea category unique, in my view, is the importance of storytelling with regard to ingredient origin, processing, and functional appeal,” says Euromonitor Beverage Analyst Howard Telford.

Teasy | Tea Traveler

Travelers for Dads On The Go

Infuse conveniently, anytime, anywhere. Make loose leaf tea, herbal, and fruit infusions with no fuss at all – whether you are at home, the office, or on the go. Teasy is an innovative infuser designed to bring out the delicate flavors and true taste of your loose-leaf tea.

Dammann Freres | Smokey Crocodile

Teas for Dad

The intense, smoky flavors of certain teas isn’t a fluke. Some are made from leaves actually smoke-cured during preparation, imbuing them with a robust taste that your dad may well appreciate on his special day. If he enjoys a cigar now and then, there are teas perfect to be enjoyed with his smoke, including the green tea listed below. And if a steak on the barbie is his ideal meal, gift him with a smoked tea rub for an unforgettable Father’s Day feast.

Nakayama Stoneworks | Personal Matcha Stone Mill

Unique Utensils for Dad

Now this really is for the Dad-Who-Has-Everything. This small, relatively lightweight matcha stone mill is handcrafted by master stoneworkers from stone quarried in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture. Your father can show off traditional, perfectly ground matcha to the envy of his friends.

Shinbone Alley | Whiskey Infusion Cocktail Pack

Bar & Culinary Gifts

Shinbone Alley created spice and tea blends to be infused into whiskey, making Dad a master mixologist of Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, Old Fashioned, and his own custom cocktails.

Overmont | Camping Kettle

Kettles for Dad

Ah, nights by the campfire under the stars…and your Dad with a warm cup of camp-brewed tea! Designed with both safety and practicality in mind, this kettle’s ergonomic handle is wrapped in insulated plastic to protect hands from heat. A pointed continental spout allows for easy steam exit, lowering the risk of scalding injuries. The kettle can be used on an open fire, and heats water in only 3-5 minutes.


Romantic Tea to Go

Teasy is an innovative infuser designed to bring out the delicate flavours and true taste of your loose-leaf tea. With Teasy you can see the tea as it steeps, and with just a twist of the wrist, you can separate tea from the leaves at just the right moment. Your tea will have its full flavour without being over-steeped.

Adagio Gift Set | Love Petals

Romantic Gift Sets

Adagio Teas presents a three-part present for your Valentine in its Love Petals set. The “Hugs and Kisses” blend combines South African rooibos with caramel, almond and vanilla, while “Ripe for Romance” melds raspberry and chocolate with black tea. “Sweet Nothings” blends sweet apricots, peach, lavender and white tea, marigold flowers, lavender flowers, and natural peach flavor.

Gimme A Kiss

Romantic Teaware

Gimme a kiss. Share this romantic china tea bowl, for those who are shy to ask. Our teaware suggestions include a black heart milk pitcher from Rory Dobner, a penetrating pink lacquered tea jar from Mariage Frères and an Ember mug to keep your hands warm.

Noel Tea Chocolates

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers like these lovely tea flavored chocolates from Paris are sure to please young and old. Browse this collection of tiny tins, tea utensils, special spoons and handy gadgets that are perfect for holiday fun.

Tea Books

Considered a basic for a tea book library, this gorgeous volume is by the chef-owners of Quebec’s Camellia Sinensis Tea House and covers history, farming techniques, and tea culture, among other subjects. You can buy it directly from the Tea House’s website, which is in French, under “Cadeaux Pour Debutants” (Gifts for Beginners).

John Lewis| Heart Teaspoon Set

Tea Accessories

Designed by Miriam Mirri as part of the Objet-Bijoux collection, the famous heart-shaped spoon is now available as a teaspoon from John Lewis.


It’s not just a tempest in a teapot, it’s a storm in a teacup with this fun and attractive scarf from the U.K.’s Geometrico22. The full print is visible on both the front and the reverse.

The Beauty in Tea

Legend has it, Asian princesses used an essence derived from the green tea leaves grown on the Korean island of Jeju to preserve their ageless beauty. Turns out, those princesses were definitely on to something. Today’s beauty products companies are capitalizing on the super-antioxidant polyphenols found in tea to make both skin and hair care lines.

Luxury Line Cha Ling’s Focus on Puer Resonates Globally

Cosmetics firm Cha Ling 20 is supporting 20 hectares of tea garden zone, located within the 400-hectare Biodiversity Reserve managed by Minguo Li Margraf. This reserve is in Xishuangbanna, South Yunnan in the famous Laobangzhang Pu’er Tea designation