Easy Leaf Tea, by Timothy d’Offay

“A sea of green foam in a big black bowl, the sound of a spoon on the side of a much-loved mug, a thimble-sized cup cradling a highly scented elixir, and the taste of clay and sweet spices from a terracotta tumbler almost too hot to hold,” from Easy Leaf Tea, by Timothy d’Offay.

Caption: Author Timothy d’Offay

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Easy Leaf Tea is a tea recipe book with a difference. This sumptuously illustrated book focuses on recipes for brewing tea and tea-centric kitchen creations. This isn’t a book about cakes with a dash of tea thrown in; this is tea, tea, and more tea, but with a twist. Tea is, as it rightly should be, the star of the show. And we’d expect nothing less from Timothy d’Offay of Postcard Teas in London. Indeed, the book very much has the feel of the shop itself: incredible teas, thoughtful brewing, and a big splash of heart.

Easy Leaf Tea Recipes for Stone Ground Tea
Recipe for Stoneground Tea

Tea House Recipes to Make at Home

Easy Leaf TeaThis book will appeal to and delight wherever you are in your tea journey. If you are new to the world of tea, you will receive a wonderful and inspiring introduction. You will be encouraged to explore and develop your tea tastes and brewing skills. You will not be disappointed if you are in a later flush of your tea journey. Even the basics are thoughtfully introduced with a fresh and personable take. Indeed, you will feel that d’Offay is actually talking to you so that the reading is pleasant and engaging. The different tea types are presented beautifully, and a  Flavour Chart provides an exciting and accessible way of illustrating a complex subject. I found the chart a satisfactory substitute for the flavor wheel.

And then, we have the recipes, from innovative brewing techniques such as flow-brewing and double-brewing to simple yet innovative approaches with ambient tea. Seriously, you will wonder why you have not done this before. My absolute favorite is sparkling tea. The book will inspire you to start experimenting or experimenting more. For example, d’Offay provides recipes for using fruit, spice, and everything nice. Try a Senchade, a tasty Chai, or a Kitchen Cola, perhaps? Or try stoneground teas and associated recipes. These will up the tea latte, milkshake, and ice cream game. Something else entirely!

And all of this is illustrated with photography that will get your taste buds tingling. The photography alone could make this a coffee table book, and the rest of your household will be begging you to whip up a tea concoction. All in all, this book is the perfect choice for any tea lover to buy or to receive as a gift.

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TeaBookClub (sign-up) is an international group of tea lovers and readers who meet up virtually every month to discuss the tea books we read. My book reviews are a combination of my own thoughts and those of TeaBookClub members. Here’s what TeaBookClub members thought:

I was so delighted at the chosen bits of information and the inventions. I was going on a journey of tea inventions. The different flavors were exciting, and the photos really got me, so beautiful! – Molly, Australia

I really liked it! It’s very inspirational. I got a lot of new ideas I haven’t tried. – Kristine, Sweden

It inspires you; even if you know much about tea, you get something new. – Jin, USA

I love the flow brewing idea. I did it! It was really, really good. Really filled the mouth with flavors. – Greta, Sweden

I really like the flavor profile chart. That was so clever. This book has inspired me to give more black teas from India and Sri Lanka a go.- Jin, USA

I really adored it. The recipes are really cool because they emphasize the tea flavor. – Molly

The beautiful layout and the photos of the different teas were a great way of explaining them to people. I love the pictures of places to drink tea; that was super cool. – Molly

Having read this, I really want to go to England to visit these tea places. Ambient tea was new to me! I’d never think to do that. My husband was really impressed by the photography in this book. – Kristine

I was amazed by all the ice creams and milkshakes he makes – Greta

Postcard Tea, London England

Postcard Teas, London, England, was part of a new wave of tea in the 1990s that saw tea merchants in the West going directly to producers to source their teas.

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Easy Leaf Tea: Tea House Recipes to Make at Home

By Timothy d’Offay
Ryland Peters & Small | $21.95 | 144 pages
Nov. 7, 2017| Hardcover |
Cultured Cup |

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