Alfred Mwase: Crafting Orthodox Teas Amid a Sea of CTC

Alfred Mwase manages the Satemwa Tea Estate factory in Thyolo, Malawi. He is responsible for the production process, production scheduling, estimating costs, and ensuring that the tea meets high-quality health and safety standards. The job requires diligence and discipline, a combination of art and process engineering. Satemwa meets Fairtrade, UTZ, and Rainforest Alliance standa

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6 thoughts on “Alfred Mwase: Crafting Orthodox Teas Amid a Sea of CTC

  1. Great piece Dan.
    Lovely to see some proper focus on Satemwa’s unique range. I really admire their creation of uniquely local teas forged out of Thyolo’s plant material and climatic conditions rather than trying to replicate Northern Hemisphere speciality teas.
    Thanks for bringing Alfred Mwase’s skills to a wider audience.

  2. A significant salute to the innovation of the Kay Family and their local expert team at Thyolo.
    Putting Central Africa squarely on the map of world tea quality! Well done and thank you.
    Chris Lightfoot, Zimbabwe

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