A Heritage Tea for Modern Times

Tanyang Gongfu is experiencing notoriety as well as increased demand that dates to the 1980s when local growers collectively raised their production standard, earning a reputation for quality hongcha (red tea).

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4 thoughts on “A Heritage Tea for Modern Times

  1. Hello Sia Yu, thank you for this very nice and informative story;
    we have a beutiful tea house here in Paris, “Thés de Chine”- Mr.Wang Qing has visited there with me several years ago- where they sell Tanyang hong cha,
    I will copy your article and send it on,
    if there is a Chinese version, the laoban will greatly appreciate,
    best regards,
    Barbara Dufrene

    1. we will issue more tea articles and our association will hold many tea festivals in the future. Welcome to join us if your time is convenient.

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